Gina Maree’s Testimonial
After 3 hectic years of unexpected upheaval, I decided to have a major personal reset and rebalance to find my[...]
Craig Wilson’s Testimonial
There is a saying we have for Michelle, “Everything she touches turns into Mish’s magic”.If you are feeling lost, unfulfilled or[...]
Bethan Gallavin’s Testimonial
There is a saying we have for Michelle, “Everything she touches turns into Mish’s magic”.If you are feeling lost, unfulfilled or[...]
Jai Semmes’ Testimonial
When I started working with Mish in October 2023 I was lost, angry and in a constant battle with myself.[...]
Kirby Blake’s Testimonial
When I began working with Michelle I was so disconnected from my true self, living in overwhelm and confusion. I[...]
Sandra Devahasdin’s Testimonial
I can honestly say you helped me reshape my life.With the assistance of your power, care and magnificence, I discovered[...]
Withdrawing From A Habit
Changing a behavioral habit can literally feel like you are withdrawing from a drug habit. In a way, you are.[...]
Unlock your “Gateway of Transformation home to inner freedom
“W.T.F …I’ve done so much work on myself, how can I still be experiencing the same B.S”? I must hear[...]
Emotional Intelligence Masterclass
I remember looking at the black board and feeling the life force drain from my body. It felt like I[...]
Fear of Rejection
The fear of rejection is holding humanity hostage. It’s an outdated survival mechanism that was a vital function in our[...]
Soul Contracts Masterclass
“Past lives, karmic debt and spiritual guides “….were all the woo woo terms I grew up with and, absolutely hated.[...]
What I do is the expression of who I AM
This landed for me like never before last weekend when a group of woman who journeyed together in one of[...]
The shadow side of TRUST is ugly
The revealing of its deceptive nature exposes the illusion it portrays and the denial it believes. Its mask is one[...]
Positive thinking keeps you stuck!!
Deep depressions, three-month bouts of being housebound with full blow PTSD, suicidal thoughts and being told I was going to[...]
The power is with the people
Up until now, our 5 senses have limited what we can see, hear, smell, taste and touch within the spectrum[...]
Transform Fear into Freedom
A few weeks before I found my mother passed away, I was made redundant in the 2009 G.F.C from a[...]
Emotional Intelligence is crucial in this time
The unknown can feel extremely destabilizing. When survival instincts kick-in, your shadow self is going to hi jack you and[...]
The plague humanity is actually coming face to face with is… ”THE NOT ENOUGH PANDEMIC” Its virus has been spreading[...]
Spring Equinox Celebration
The past few years there has been a much-needed focus on reclaiming individual power, sovereignty and ownership. Yet, loneliness is[...]
Fear or Freedom?
Feeling caged by your own paralyzing fear whilst simultaneously experiencing explosive frustration that’s screaming at you to LET GO of[...]
❓A question I denied myself for years. ❓A question that was for others. ❓A question that instantly took me to[...]
Follow Your Calling
A few weeks before I found my mum passed away, I was made redundant in the 2009 G.F.C from a[...]
The deeper we go, the lighter we become
2018, we danced like never before! 💃💃 My word for you was “unwavering” You were a year of explosive growth! 🔥🔥 You[...]
Self Love
I was listening to Bruce Lipton being interviewed. He is the scientist who discovered Epigenetics and is the author of[...]
Do you TRUST yourself?
Do you TRUST in the safety of the unknown? Do you TRUST in your relationship with life? Do you TRUST[...]
What is suppressed, must be expressed
We are born with two “survival instincts”, the fear of loud noises and falling. Everything else we learn from the[...]
Positive thinking creates negative results
Being told to “think positive” and “shift my mindset” spiraled me deeper into the abyss of “thinking”… “What’s wrong with[...]
There is always an answer.
It was the day of my partner’s funeral, he died by suicide and I found him. I felt a sense[...]
It’s time for an Emotional Revolution
A few weeks ago I was at an event where Tony Robbins asked a room of 5,000 people… “Who knows[...]
Be Aware of the “Not Enough” Epidemic
Seeking external validation in the pursuit of acceptance is the unconscious driving force behind ”The not enough epidemic” being exposed[...]
Emotions are our greatest teacher
The physiological response we have to emotions can be perceived as uncomfortable and our instinct is to move away from[...]
Love your tears
The eyes are the window of the soul, tears are one on the many languages they speak.Somewhere along the way[...]
Your fear is loving you
Fear is an unexpressed desire of love. Your Soul calling for transformation.When fear comes knocking at the door its asking[...]
The dark night of the Soul
The dark night of our Soul is a right of passage calling us to transform limitations into liberation's. Light[...]