The plague humanity is actually coming face to face with is…
Its virus has been spreading in plain sight for centuries
🛑 Not enough Money
🛑 Not enough Health
🛑 Not enough Time
🛑 Not enough Resources
🛑 Not enough Energy
🛑 Not enough Love
🛑 Not pretty enough, not successful enough, not smart enough, not capable enough, not strong enough, don’t know enough….
Our species is exhausted from the perpetual cycle of doing more, consuming more to HAVE more and in the pursuit we have lost connection to who we are BEing.
Do your possessions own you or are in possession of your life?
We have NEVER lived in a time where we have so much available to us yet, we are suffering like no other time in history with a 300 % global increase in depression, anxiety, suicides, mental and physical health issues.
What the corona virus has amplified and exposed is humanities shadow, resulting in unconscious reactive behaviors triggered from the core collective belief of lack… in turn, validating there isn’t enough.
Global Economy has always been determined by human behavior and what drives human behavior, emotion.
Our false dopamine fixes (pleasure) and cortisol dumps (fear) are triggered by social conditioning and media propaganda.
The relentless bombardment has resulted in comparison, choice fatigue and consumer buying to fill the empty void of who we believe we “should” be.
We are terrifying our children and placing the weight of the world on their shoulders with the responsibility of “saving” our planet. And wondering why they’re experiencing unprecedented levels of anxiety?
Its time WAKE UP and LIGHTEN UP.
Crisis in Latin means turning point.
Humanities soul assignment at this point of time… to shine our collective light on the shadow that has had us all hiding inside the world of NOT ENOUGH.
It is time to shift the lens of perception from “isolation or quarantine” to an opportunity to deeply connect to inner truth… to reassess and align with values that serve the highest good.
A time to shift from quantity to quality.
Your body is a powerhouse…A self-healing, self-regulating and self -actualizing organism that was designed to THRIVE.
“BUT HOW?” ….is a question I must be asked at least 10 times a day.
In short … learning how to align and master the embodiment of what I have coined the Trilogy of Transformation – Your cognitive, neural and energetic systems.
Mother Earth does not need saving…she will simply “burp” and reset ….with or without us.
She’s done it many times before.
The only world that needs to change is our internal worlds.
We are being called home to the freedom of our essential nature to connect to the heart of what truly matters.
To unplug from external stimulus that has desensitized us and plug in to the soul mission of what is being show to us.
To master fear as the activator of human potential to ascend and awaken the dawning of the new world order.
To do that, we must be willing to LET GO of the known and step into the expansion of the unknown…the space where creation LIVES.
What if ….
✅ Less was actually more?
✅ We’re being called home to the power of simplicity?
✅ Connecting to your true values was your greatest contribution?
✅ Slowing down to realign to experience fulfillment and gratitude was the greatest gift you we’re being given right now?
✅To heal at the deepest cellular (soulular) level of your being?
✅ NOW, more than ever we are be given the opportunity to consciously CHOOSE to RESPOND to fear as the messenger who offers freedom?
✅To reset our central nervous systems and upgrade our conditioning?
✅To celebrate the plentifulness of our lives, in harmony with the natural rhythms.
✅To revel in the precious gift of life and all you are here to express through your souls mission.
✅This was a call home to love?
Perception is everything….what lens are you choosing to look through… Not Enough or Freedom of choice?
I am standing stronger than ever before to share the transformational processes that empower those that are ready to journey home to inner freedom.
I am committed to sharing daily insights and practices on HOW TO sustain your health, wealth and happiness in these challenging times inside my group…. reach out if you”d like to join us.
If you’re feeling the call and desiring to YOUnite with a collective that are working together to tip the critical mass into awakening….then share your insights and solutions on how we can collaborate and rise together below.
The deeper we go, the lighter we become.
In love and light, always. Xxx