Your fear is loving you

Fear is an unexpressed desire of love. Your Soul calling for transformation.When fear comes knocking at the door its asking to be heard, and seen.Our automatic reaction is to slam that door shut and run as far away as possible. Instinctual survival.

So, fear continues to knock harder and harder until it screams “LISTEN TO ME”!! Stress, anxiety, depression, grief, physical ailments, disconnection…all unexpressed desires of love.Fear is calling for change. The more we resist, the more it persists.What we suppress is expressed in the many shades of pain…our greatest teacher calling us to the present moment.

Dancing with duality allows us to move with life. BE in each challenge and recognise the opportunity for evolution.Moving towards the uncomfortability shines light on the enigma revealing the unconscious mystery of why such an experiences would occur.Next time fear comes knocking…invite them in, like an old friend who has travelled far and wide to deliver you a golden gem. Put the kettle on and simply listen.