Five Phase Immersion 

This five week process is designed to take you on deep dive through the entire 5 phases of the transformational cycle.

You will learn how to transform frustrating recurring life cycles with life lessons, release emotional blocks and gain insight and clarity into what has been driving your default behaviors, patterns and habits.

As you journey through each phase you will learn the tools to empower and welcome every challenge as an opportunity to evolve through.

You will gain insight and wisdom into how to translate the cryptic gifts you experience inside your personal and/or professional limitations.

Each week you will unpack each phase through 5 powerful soul-activation sessions…

  • 5  Sessions plus 2 Bonus Sessions .
  • Life & Energy Coaching that guides you with clarity, strategy and direction
  •  Sensory Transformational Processing - Signature Technique – A fresh understanding of human behaviour that unlocks untapped potential & activates wisdom  = PRICELESS. 
  • EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique   
  • Weekly Activation Processes  -  Videos, MP3's, Downloadable worksheets  & exercises 

What others have experienced...

In recent years, I started exploring the realm of personal development and psychology as I realized the importance of my mental and emotional well-being. From continually feeling overwhelmed with my high pressure career and seemingly self-restrictive relationships – professional, personal and romantic – my journey of soul searching and self-awareness began to catapult.

After reading many books, having psychology sessions, trying rapid transformational therapy, going to conferences and wellness workshops etc, I was gathering so much interesting information and noticed a lot of progress. I had come a long way yet still felt stuck, like I couldn’t break through this invisible wall of what, I didn’t even know. Along my journey, I came across the quote “Your capacity to love others is limited only by your capacity to love yourself”. This was that invisible wall.

By happy coincidence (or rather divine right order), I stumbled upon Michelle's one day workshop when I was looking at what was on for the weekend. I had a friend in mind that I wanted to send this to but instead decided to go to it by myself.  Meeting Michelle, going to her workshop and subsequently the 5 week SAccess Method  Immersion changed my perspective and approach to life itself! I was remotely aware of the modalities and concepts she spoke of, but this time, the presentation of it landed in a new and fuller sense. I loved the fusion of Eastern and Western, Spiritual and Science systems which appeased my logical mindset and my new found spirituality, so it resonated well with me.

As someone who suffers anxiety, the tools and knowledge imparted were practical and achievable. But the one on one sessions with Michelle were most invaluable, allowing the techniques and process to truly integrate with my soul and expand to another level. Her intuition and gifted guidance allowed me to finally complete the connections and cycles of my past, beliefs and thought patterns. Unveiling the limitations I could not see like she knew me better than I knew myself.

Out of everything I have discovered so far, this journey with Michelle has made the deepest and lasting impact in the shortest time-frame. I feel like I’m more equipped to face the inevitable darkness and discomfort. I have also reached a stronger level of self-love and acceptance which gives me so much joy for no reason at all. The light within me honors the light within you.

Michelle, thank you from the bottom of my heart xxx

Pamela Dalgleish 

I’ve had more than my fair share of years on this earth and have done so much personal development one would think I’d be perfect by now, but of course that isn’t the case. I was given the message that it was of great importance that I undertake the transformational cycle and I am so glad I did. I went all out and made a declaration that I wanted to eradicate all self-doubt and be able to undertake any task I would be called to do.

Michelle skilfully led me to a place far beyond my expectations. It was so powerful to become aware of the role of my secret messenger and why she had been there. I was able to dig deep and understand why I had always played small. After all, I mustn’t get too big for my boots and I mustn’t cause others to feel inferior!

The process is amazing! Finding my treasure word – my soul value - has changed everything for me.  I felt my heart open as it never has before, and I was able to step into conscious cognition, changing my limiting beliefs to expansive emotion. There are no words that could sufficiently describe the elation I am experiencing. I now feel safe to accept the fullness of my shining and step into who I really am. I can also now authentically live my mantra -“It is never too late to find your ‘fabulous’”.

Thank you, Michelle for the way you were able to bring me safely to a place where I can acknowledge my shining. The cycle is complete, and the journey has been totally inspirational.

Lyn Traill 

For the last 20 odd years I've attended a lot of events & workshop to try and find inner peace. I found so many pushed me in the wrong direction. When I started with Michelle I told her I liked who I was, and I did. What I had problems with was who I was. Michelle has been the only one who has helped me understand who I am and why I do things I do. This has been a gentle, yet powerful, transformation for me and one I would recommend it to anyone who is unsure of who they are and where their behavior stems from. 

David Steel 

I wanted to express my gratitude for all that Mish have done to help me and also to share a bit in the hope it may help others who may be struggling and scared. 

I was having some strange dreams where I was being contacted with what I believed was a dark entity, I was scared and and lost in the world and didn't know what to do. A friend of mine put me on to Mish, and she knew what it meant right away. 

Through the SAccess Method I learnt that the "dark entity" was my shadow self/subconscious wanting to be seen,heard and loved. Although through the process there was a lot of deep pain and pent up emotions released. I feel I have now integrated my shadow self, I am no longer scared of this side of me, it was not a dark entity it was pain that needed to be felt and seen. The programme helped me be more aware of my thoughts and emotions and has given me so much clarity. I do not feel lost anymore, clear headed and in touch with my self. Although it is still a work in progress, It has changed my life! 

Mish would tell me that I already know the answers. And I DID, I just needed some help to embody it and believe it.

Thank you soooo much xo 

Love from Ang  x

Angela McElhinney 

Lost and profoundly sad are two words that come to mind when I talk about how I felt before going to see Michelle Cannan at her one day workshop - I didn't understand why I felt this way. I had a beautiful daughter a loyal husband a good job and a roof over my head but still something was missing.  After working with Michelle, I can now say I no longer feel deeply sad - it's like my little light went out & now, I shine so bright.  

Michelle is so lovely to be around, she immediately puts you at ease with her beautiful manner and knack of explaining things in an easy to understand way

Megan Stewart

It was so interesting to hear about how the Mind, Heart and Soul interrelate as I have been studying this area for a few years now.  To see and experience how closely they work in alignment with recurring life cycles was extremely valuable

Xen Angelides

You have set me free -the tangled vines of life have now thinned so I can step out onto the path of my choosing. I feel so at peace and so balanced. I have done similar work before and came home on a high which I could not maintain, then the slump afterward. Journeying with you Mish there is no high, there is completeness.

Carol Morgan

I had been completely lost in life, not knowing what to do, not knowing what I wanted and experiencing struggle in all of my important relationships when I found Mish’. With her help I learned to identify my triggers and how to feel through my emotions instead of run away from them. The SAccess Method has changed me for the better, enabling me to live a happier and more fulfilled life. Thank you so much Mish.

Gabrielle Bridges

From the moment I met Michelle Cannan I knew she would change my life. She helped me identify and shift many limiting core beliefs that were holding me back in all areas of my life and keeping me trapped in painful patterns. Since working with Michelle, my business has blossomed, my self-esteem has increased exponentially, and my relationships are healthy and blissful. She has a delightful personality, an x-ray intuition, a fantastic sense of humour and a warmth, kindness and softness that makes you feel 100% safe when dealing with the toughest of emotions. Michelle is a genuine practitioner with a heart of gold and a very special gift. If you are stuck in patterns that you can’t shift alone, do your life a favour and come and meet the soul whisperer. She is an angel on earth.

Claire Cottone 

The last 4 years of my 16 year journey back to self, I was in a very deep, dark night of my soul. No one around could really help me ME, not even my family. I had literally tried EVERYTHING and I searched high and low for answers.  And then, I found Mish, Ahhh the relief when I heard her sweet, strong voice on the other end of the phone, I felt like I wasn’t crazy, I felt seen and heard and understood! Finally!! She invited me to her one day EVENT and my brain was saying here’s another thing, another process, another person wanting my money. Money I didn’t have!  I took the plunge and will never look back. Mish is an incredibly compassionate, understanding, patient and generous human being. She was there with me through some of my darkest times. She never made me feel wrong, I always felt safe and empowered to be myself, all of myself the good the bad and the ugly. She helped me to navigate through the darkest terrain of my mind and to see the gift that was there waiting for me all along. She has given me a way into myself that feels natural, I have the tools inside of me, they have always been there. It’s not a one size fits all process, it’s about you finding your own uniqueness that has always been and will always be YOU   

Michelle Pittard 

Michelle's  Soul Alignment process has gifted me the tools to let go of the belief systems, the BS which watered down my contribution to the world. Including every relationship I had, especially with myself! I have found freedom and liberation as I have the skills and process required to truly express my pure self and contribute all I am. To say Mish over delivers in an understatement, she gives more time and energy than you can put a price on. She is a truly gorgeously divine soul who creates such a safe space, where there is no place for judgement, she simply supports you to align! It is a gift of freedom which I wish for every soul.

Thank you Mish you truly are magic xxx

Mandy Hargreaves
 Finding Gorgeous 

My experience of the SAccess Method with the beautiful Mish has had such an amazing impact on my life. I’ve always suffered with anxiety and self doubt and through Mish’s intense, yet gentle, guidance I found myself with a new perspective and tools that I can apply to my life. Thank you Mish for this unique perspective, I’m longer afraid of the darkness in the shadows!

Alexandra Kantos 

When I started seeing Mish I was a complete loss, I was disconnected from my kids and husband.  I left a job that I didn't' realize I had associated my  worth with.  Then my beautiful sister in law  suddenly passed away and feel into a deep crisis. I put so much energy into rescuing people and felt so sad and disappointed when I really needed help and support, there was no-one to be seen.

I had seen a psychologist for several months which gave me great insight in to why I was  so overwhelmed with tears on so many occasions that I could not even speak. Though I still did not know how or what to do from there. I felt that the psychologist had made me feel validated but I did not have an action plan as such.

I started seeing Michelle and worked  through lots of things that I felt I had addressed in the past but were still, showing up in ways I couldn’t ever have imagined. Michelle helped me work on solutions rather than problems. With her guidance I felt I could process the feelings behind  how it “showed up” for me, rather than hashing over and over my problems again and again. I suddenly had a new perspective seeing my issues as a gift to truly transform my life.

I now am more connected to myself my kids and my husband than ever before, I no longer battle with my teenage daughter daily, we talk about so many things and I feel really connected to her. I am now in an amazing new job with fantastic people better than I could of ever imagined (but by no means does it define me). I think about my sister in law every day still and thank her for the gift she has given me in being present every day, being truly mindful.

I highly recommend Mish and do so to all of my friends, she is not only compassionate, insightful and just a great energy to be around.  She truly cares about helping you on your journey, creating solutions not focusing on problems, she is down to earth sharing her own journey and giving me such a broader respect of myself and others.

Love you Mish Thank you

Kate Backus