The deeper we go, the lighter we become

The deeper we go, the lighter we become

2018, we danced like never before! 💃💃

My word for you was “unwavering”

You were a year of explosive growth! 🔥🔥

You released me of many unseen limitations, setting me free into the wilderness of the unknown.

It was there I fell deeply in love with the magic of the unseen realms.

The deeper I went, the lighter I become.

And there lies the first of the many gifts you brought me…”The power of the light”!!

It was from the freedom of my inner world I felt the collective call to turn our lights on and be SEEN!

For then the darkness transforms, the fight is no longer and we return to pure potential of love.

Yes, the second gift you graced me with…”The power of love” 💞💞💞

From this unwavering place, I stayed true to me. Trusting in my every choice to make manifest in alignment with my hearts-desire.

As I peeled back the layers to reveal the minimalist in me, I become acutely aware of how liberating simplicity made me feel. Oh the gratitude of how you bestowed this gift of upon me…“The power of simplicity” .

I remember when the “C’ word was a dirty word. Back in the 90’s when mentioned, the general vibe was… “oh, you’re one of them”.

Today that very same “C’ word we now embrace as the fabric of who we are.

CONSCIOUSNESS…the richest currency of modern times.

And, the most powerful gift I wholeheartedly embodied. It was a return home to the collective SHINING of YOUnity consciousness…I get you like never before. And dam, it feels GOOD. 💆‍♀️💆‍♀️

Thank you to everyone who YOUified with me through 2018… together we shine brighter.

Seriousness, separation, struggle & judgment are all calls home to the light.

I declare 2019 my year of visibility through vitality…with ease & grace.

Tell me my friends, are you ready power up, lighten up & LIVE it up through the gift of your unseen dream???

Let’s do this!!

Love ya guts (pun intended) 💗💗

Happy New Year to YOU! 💋