The Soul Apprenticeship for Relationships is a proven five phase process that transforms recurring unwanted cycles into powerful opportunities for growth & deep connection. 

You will learn about...

  • The Blame game - Fault vs default
  • The Gift of Conflict - The trigger will always lead you to the truth... ALWAYS!
  • The Art of Being Heard, Seen and Understood - Empowered Communication
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    How to be Free Inside a Committed Relationship - The ultimate union
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    Navigating I, We, Us - Transforming co-dependence into co-creation

There is a new paradigm emerging in relationship. An unparalleled shift is occurring that is calling for a new way of relating.

There is a collective yearning for deeper, more meaningful connections that bring fulfilling & joyous experiences.

So why are so many couples experiencing varying degrees of disconnection, disappointment and despair?

Take a look at the below relationship scenarios...

The Mask - Looks perfect from the outside, yet empty on the inside

Drama Couple - Needing to be right, devaluing the other, manipulation, stuck in "story", power plays & control

The Spiritual Seekers - Committed to spiritual practice yet still experiencing suffering

Passionless Flatmates - Good friends, no passion, amicable & safe

Empty Nesters - Kids leave home and parents discover their relationship is empty too

Ground Hog Day - Re-living the same experiences and conversations day after day, year after year

Lonely Heart Club - Tolerating each other in the fear of being single and loss of identity

Busy Bees - Scheduled catch-ups, loss of spontaneity, energetic distance, exhaustion & stressed

Betrayed Bandits - Loss of trust, suspicion, feelings of abandonment, rebellion & delusion

If one or more of the above scenarios had you nodding,  your relationship is potentially closer to transforming than you believe.

Yes, you read that right!

Understanding how to translate uncomfortable & uncertain feelings is the key to opening the door to connection.

Relationship is not intended to keep you stuck in purgatory, obligation or resentment.

It is intended to be a safe, sacred and supportive union that allows two people to witness the journey of the other in love and honor.

Are you ready to transform your relationship and experience...

  • Inspired connection
  • ​Physical and emotional intimacy
  • A sense of being alive and vital
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    ​Unwavering trust
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    Lasting love
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    Meaningful communication
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    Aligned values
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    Joy & Fulfillment


Then read on…

The below 5 Week program is designed to create sustainable and lasting change.

I will individually send you a "Relationship Profile"  & "The Agreements of Communication" the week before we meet.


There are 7 Sessions in total - 3 x Couple Session 4 x Individual Sessions (Initial Session is 2 hrs - the other 6 are 1.5 hrs)

Session 1 - Initial Couples Session 2 hrs

We set up a safe space for both parties to be honoured & acknowledge in their experience. "The Agreements of Communication" will ensure each person's intention is received & delivered with clarity & integrity.  Michelle is there to hold the space, navigate communication & initially observe the unconscious patterns. There will be elements of processing in this session and you will leave with tools to begin to unpack your process.

Session 2 - Individual Sessions 1.5 hrs

Your 1st of two confidential personalized sessions, where we unpack and process the triggers that are occurring for you in your relationship. For you to personally understand how to translate & own your triggers as the opportunity for growth.

Session 3 - Couples Integration Session 1.5 hrs

Here we begin to integrate and align insights and understandings. Check in to see how communication is occurring for you both at home and in life. Get clear on what areas are still showing up that require more attention.

Session 4 - Individual Session 1.5 hrs

In this 2nd confidential personalized session, we unpack and process any remaining triggers and claim personal empowerment. This is what I call the clarity of the "I' within the "We". When two people are able to express from their highest truth, vs their trigger, there is a strong foundation for the relationship re-build from.

Session 5 - Completion Session 1.5 hrs

In this session we align values, create relationship agreements & consolidate insights that have occurred through- out the 5 Week process for the relationship to become a safe and welcoming place to connect and thrive in.

If you’ve read this far, it’s time to commit to restoring and actualizing your dream relationship by taking the next step & booking a half hour complimentary discovery online call with Michelle. 

What others have experienced...

WOW. Here is a 'brief summary' of our Soul Apprenticeship Journey with Mish as a couple.

We've been married 13 years and together for 17. Have had an amazing adventure filled life together, but for the last few years the chaos and stress of life, work and family kicked in and we hadn't been seeing eye to eye on many levels. It was hard work and arguing and just missing each other was so painful.

We both wanted the same thing, to be happy.

We were truly blessed when a friend suggested we see Mish together as a Couple. Daunting as it was, we bit the bullet and did just that.  We laughed, we cried and for the first time actually had some easy communication and could see some light at then end of a very dark tunnel.

Wish we had have done the Soul Apprenticeship BEFORE marriage counselling and various self development courses and years of mis-communication, arguing and pain. They all worked for awhile, before old patterns kicked in, same shit different day. Nothing was long term that could actually deal with the emotional challenges that life seemed to hang on continuously, until we did this one.

It wasn't an easy task, it was hard work to look at 'ourselves' individually and why various emotions were coming up and reacting, But as Mish says - once you SEE this - you can't UNSEE it.  It has been an absolute turn-key in our entire lives and relationships with EVERYONE in it.

We communicate daily instead of re-acting. 

We listen to each other before being heard (corny we know)

To have the understanding of our individual emotions is worth it's weight in gold and to communicate without reacting is a pure gift.

Thanks Mish, our lives are changed forever. Our kids lives have changed and flow with happiness and ease, plus our relationships with our entire extended family flow. It's a beautiful place to enjoy and live life from.

All our Love.

Canice and Anthony 

We had been through a very difficult few years and while we were both trying to do what we each thought to be the right thing, we ran into trouble because we were not communicating or supporting each other well. So, while we were there in spirit we were not listening to or understanding each other. This caused us to have a lot of resentment towards each other and we both often felt alone in our commitment to each other.  Michelle’s approach gave us a language and a set of tools to effectively action positive change and breath life back into our relationship. We are now communicating and understanding each other in a way we could not have imagined, especially over such a short period of time.

Inger & Tony