Empathic Leadership
True Success Through Emotional Intelligence 

The Empathic Leadership Immersion will activate your inner power through deep connection to your innate value, making you an unstoppable force for good.   

We can no longer separate our personal and professional lives without feeling a sense of disconnection.

Conscious connection is the new world currency.

Would it be of benefit to have the confidence to know where to invest your time & money to experience exponential personal and professional growth? 

It goes without saying!!   

Health, Wealth and Happiness is the trilogy of true success.  When all three are in alignment YOU BEcome your greatest asset

In this 12 week immersion you will activate, amplify & accelerate your success by learning how to...

  • Transform money shadows into enlightened wisdom
  • Alchemise high levels of overwhelm, resistance and fear through aligned action 
  • Empower sacred economics through transformational exchanges 
  • Develop emotional Intelligence  – The key to soulful success
  • Identify blind spots and unconscious limiting blocks as your greatest opportunity for growth  
  •  Master energy management vs time management - Watch your bottom line rise 
  • Become the C.E.O of your life - Empowerment through personal ownership 
  • Aligning personal flow to create cash flow
  • The essential elements of self-care for success
  • Differentiate how quality creates quantity – Yes, less is more
  • The power of giving and receiving – The Law of Circulation 
  • Become the embodiment of your message - The most powerful attraction based marketing    

What others have experienced...

I was about to embark on making a number of large decisions involving my career and my family.

I knew I needed to seek guidance to make sure these decisions were made from the right frame of mind.

From the very first conversation with Mish, she had a special ability to make me feel instantly comfortable when it came to discussing my feelings and emotions.  She opened my mind without me even realizing.  

Her empowering approach to draw out what was needed for me move forward through her no bullshit approach was very refreshing and gave me a strong sense I was in the "right" place.  

I have now made great advances in my career and relocated my family to U.S.A where I am expanding in my new executive leadership role & loving life.

I highly recommend Mish and I’m externally grateful for the guidance she has provide myself & my family.

Joshua Mclean 
 Corporate Consultant

When I first began with Michelle I was working in my family’s business.

I felt a huge responsibility for the success of the company. Michelle showed me how my personal and professional experiences were closely interrelated through the recurring cycles of having “just enough”.

These powerful realizations freed me to gracefully & courageously receive the gifts from my family’s business to begin my own.

Through-out this time Michelle has helped me to unpack many limiting beliefs that have transformed a manic work environment where I could only work under pressure, to a steady and productive place of service whilst continually hitting my goals.

In fact, I won my first award for The Best Newcomer in my first year of business. 

Thanks Mish, as always, your guidance is invaluable.

Danielle Wilson 
 D Maree Finance 

My life over the past 5 years has been through a lot of change.

Prior to working with Mich I often felt resentful and disappointed with people at work and home for not valuing my contribution. It affected my confidence and connection with others. I was withdrawn most of the time.

In a few great sessions with Mich I was not only at the source of my resentment but my behaviour evolved in a way that had me create outcomes that I wanted, all without angst and needing to be fight to get what I want.

Getting to know my triggers, discovering the gift in each of them and aligning myself to my higher truth has been a blessing... the integration of the work has been effortless and I tangibly feel lighter and more joyful each day.

Nick Allan 
 Corporate Consultant