Fear or Freedom?

Fear or Freedom?

Feeling caged by your own paralyzing fear whilst simultaneously experiencing explosive frustration that’s screaming at you to LET GO of what’s no longer serving you… all the while, you’re watching your world blow up around you left, right and center??!!

You’re not alone.

“Apocalypse” is a Greek word meaning “revelation”, “an unveiling or unfolding of things not previously known and which could not be known apart from the unveiling”.

Perception is key. The key to entrapment or freedom.

There is a new wave of consciousness that is shaking the human collective “apple tree” awaken.

Knowing how to navigate the new world order will allow empowerment in what the old world would perceive as powerless.

Humanity is upgrading.

The longer you cling to the familiarity of the known, the longer you suffer.

It’s time to recreate our relationship with fear…if you’re not under any physical threat, its only purpose is to be re-purposed as a powerful activator of potential…period.

This requires a COMPLETE shift in how we translate our “negative” “bad” and “painful” experiences.

When you look into the mirror of your life are you…

😳 Feeling like nothing fits or works anymore
😳 Experiencing a complete loss of identity
😳 Over being so serious, intense and trying to work it out
😳Struggling in relationships, health, wealth and emotional
😳Your inner rebel has a cause that is so strong you can no l
longer conform to keep the “peace” aka the status quo boredom
😳Feel like your free falling and there is nothing to grab a hold of

I’ve got one powerful word for you…TRUST!!

TRUST in the process, self and life anchors you into the unwavering, unchanging forever expanding expression of your true nature.

Therapy tends to compartmentalize and focus on one aspect of a perceived problem. As the saying goes…where the focus goes the energy flows. We believe we have a problem, we do have problem.

Transformation alchemizes contraction as an integrative part of the whole through the mastery of knowing how to translate EVERY experience as a divine opportunity of growth.

Ready to get your transformation on?

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