Spring Equinox Celebration

Spring Equinox Celebration

The past few years there has been a much-needed focus on reclaiming individual power, sovereignty and ownership.

Yet, loneliness is up 300% globally.

In a time of extremes, humanity is being called to YOUnify..

3 years ago, “Choose Life” was declared with a desire to create an ethos where suicide, depression and anxiety is redefined as a transformational pathway that is embraced as a planetary awakening.

Harvard University recently released the outcomes of a 75-year study that revealed MEANINGFUL relationships are the number one contributing factor to LIVING a happy and healthy life.

NOTHING and NO ONE can thrive in isolation. In fact, it weakens us mentally, physically and spiritually.

TRUE POWER is generated through collective intention and activated through human connection, emotional bonding and collaboration.

Add Celebration to the equation and we create a THRIVING human eco system…..and planet.

Equinox is derived from the Lantin word Equal.

The Spring Equinox brings equal parts day,and night…yin and yang.. light and dark. death and rebirthl. The ultimate time to embody The Tao and choose to LIVE in the wholeness of LIFE.

I just love synchronistic confirmations. A couple of weeks ago I was watching the amazing @Radah Agrawal from DAYBREAKER being interviewed at Mindvalley…what a woman!

She came up with the Acronym D.O.S.E….

“D”opamine a neurotransmitter that helps control the brain’s reward and pleasure centres. It motivates us to take action.

“O”xytocin is often referred to as “the connection hormone”. It creates loving bonds.

“S”erotonin, the brain chemical crucial to mood and motivation, shaping personality to make us susceptible to spiritual experiences. Serotonin flows when you feel significance.

“E”ndorphins are morphine-like chemicals released from the pituitary gland that help diminish pain and activates the happy feelings.

Connection to self,and others is a sure fire why to get your D.O.S.E of life straight from the source of your matter.

It’s time to tip the critical mass into awakening… studies have shown we only need 10% of our global population to YOUnite to make it happen. 10%!!!!

When one person activates the ripple effect touches thousands.

That’s the power of the YOU.

I have been blessed to collaborate with EPIC humans to create a transformational journey for ya”ll in the heart of nature in the hinterland of Gold Coast.

We begin with the Opening Ceremony followed on with the incredibly talented Yogi Cam‘ who will guiding us on a playful conscious journey of breath, movement, asana and connection all laced together with sublime skillfully mixed beats by Spinovator in his Yoga Beats Session as he sets us up for one amazing transition to Chocolate on the dance floor.

My Co-Host, The Chocolate Wizard – Kyle Lazich has YOUnited forces with DJ’s Bashir ‘Baz’ YoussefFreddy Holler Tashka Urban to take us on a dreaming journey through the spirit of cacao chocolate and the medicine of electronic music to awaken and activate your fullest expression.

To end the night with a Fireside Jam under the stars with a camping option for those who want to integrate the nights activation’s with a Yin Yoga Class Sunday Morning with divine Mara Williams.

A yummy Dahl will be served Saturday night and the gorgeous Kate Nowland from Hempedelic Delish will brewing one amazing pot of Chai…bring your travel mugs.

Let’s gather to the collective heart-beat-soul-calling-life giving celebration and dance our way home to inner freedom, fulfillment and joy at the 2019 Spring Equinox.

To discover more and book one of the 40 tickets left…click on through and we’ll be seeing YOU for one EPIC adventure!!

In love

Team Celebration xx

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