Soul Contracts Masterclass

Soul Contracts Masterclass
“Past lives, karmic debt and spiritual guides “….were all the woo woo terms I grew up with and, absolutely hated.
Hates a strong word… I know.
When Mum stepped on to her spiritual path, things changed.
Spiritualism became her new identity. It was extreme, and by all accounts she was “out there”.
Her intention I am sure would have been to find the answers to her life questions.
Instead, it became an escape from the pain she experienced in many aspects of her life…hindsight is a wonderful thing.
My experience was my family life became freak show.
In our developmental years we make choices to never to be like, or be like, XYZ based on the perception of the experience we had.
In my case, it was to never do what my mother did.
A decision that amplified my soul assignments in ways I could never have imagined.
The kicker here is, I unconsciously denied the very aspect of who I was.
And . it was divinely perfect.
The Soul Assignments, aka life challenges, came thick and fast.
Long story short, the unwanted recurring cycles were extreme.
Debilitating bedridden depressions, full blown PTSD after a string of deaths of those I loved passing in traumatic ways… three I found.
Toxic relationships, physical ailments, continually penniless…you got the picture.
It was like I was living in a nightmare that I could not awaken from.
Somewhere in the depth of my being, there was a quite and calm voice that kept repeating …. “Trust in the process”.
That part of me was my soul.
It took a whole lap around this planet, running from my own pain and family home, to become extremely sick in the middle east to be brought back to Australia to find my mother passed away to awaken from the depth of sleeping pain.
I had a Soul Contract to complete on and a gift to claim.
What we don’t understand we fear and run from, continually seeking safety inside the walls of world we no longer fit into….and wonder why the same painful experiences keep turning up.
Right now, the work of our human collective is complete on our individual soul contracts.
Your W.H.Y… is (W)hat’s (H)urting (Y)ou… your dark night of the soul is a calling you home to the light to shine your gifts in the world.
For the new world order to emerge, it has to emerge through us individually.
To know who you are and why are you here is crucial to your true happiness and the planets evolution.
Which means, Soul Contracts need to be fulfilled on.
Which then gifts you the experience of fulfillment… your soul’s way of saying thank you.
No matter how shit scared you are of turning to face your pain, fear, confusion, negativity, unwanted recurring cycles or…wanting to expand beyond the comfort of your present experience… ask yourself… “Do I want to LIVE a deeply fulfilling life?”
We both know what the answer is, right?!!
This is my invitation to you to come and join my Soul Contracts Masterclass on November 24th at 7pm.
2020 has been a year that has left no stone unturned for any of us and its time to integrate what’s emerged in our own worlds to complete on the old and welcome in the new.
It will be a deeply grounded container that will bring incredible amounts of understanding to your life.
This I promise you.
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