The shadow side of TRUST is ugly

The shadow side of TRUST is ugly
The revealing of its deceptive nature exposes the illusion it portrays and the denial it believes.
Its mask is one of embellished power that hides a deep-seated sense of powerlessness.
It manifests in the form of a “harmless” white lie, manipulation, perpetration, betrayal and the biggest of the of them all …. self-deception.
For some it is a very conscious act, for others, a deeply unconscious one.
It insidiously permeates with the intention to either infiltrated or ironically, protect.
When confronted it will present with a defensiveness, deflection and disassociation to maintain its status quo and avoid the inevitable….TRUTH.
To face such a virtue requires a willingness to relinquish control.
Allowing the glass house to crumble exposes the rawest of vulnerabilities, dispelling the shadow in the light of day.
In the vulnerability lies the potential to access soul wisdom that will guide you to the holy grail of the human experience…inner freedom.
The paradox humanity currently faces is the TRUST IN SELF.
Judgment, resentment, revenge and persecution are not the remedy, love is.
Projections and opinions are a distraction that override fear and the opportunity to access the purest of powers to activate the deepest of inner truths.
A question if I may…..
Where are you avoiding your shadow side of trust and fearing your own freedom? 🙏