Master Your Emotional Intelligence to Access Optimal Performance, Increased Vitality
and Inner Confidence

Whether you are a Solopreneur, Organizational Leader or CEO your sphere of influence is determined by the relationship you have with yourself.  

Leadership is undergoing a "Change of the Guard".

Outdated Top-down approches are shifting to an empathic,
service based style. 

With burnout up by 67% since the pandemic, it’s crucial to define what being of service means before servitude consumes you.

We can no longer separate our personal and professional lives without feeling a sense of disconnection.

Conscious connection is the new world currency.

Without it, nothing thrives…that includes your bottom line.

Empathy is no longer a nicety, it’s a necessity when navigating the diverse and dynamic nature of human behavior in our modern day.

Empathy does not polarize, it YOUnifies.

An Empathic Leader actualizes collective potential by empowering each person’s unique qualities to contribute and serve the highest good.

To do so, leaders must FIRST actualize their own potential by serving and aligning with their deepest truth. 

Are You Ready To…
  • Master the Power of Perception - Unlock perceived limitations to actualize your potential.
  • Shift from Time Management to Energy Management – Transform the overwhelm of “Demand exceeding your time” to an overflow of vitality in your personal and professional life.
  • Empower Emotional Intelligence for Sustained Success - Harness your emotional regulation and watch 80% of your challenges become growth opportunities…with ease.
  • Transform Unconscious Empathy to Conscious Empathy - Release the heaviness of feeling like you HAVE TO carry all the responsibility of being the problem solver to a vision holder that enrolls and empowers collaboration and innovation. 
  • Turn Conflict into Creative Solutions -   Disarm defensive approaches through mastering empathic communication.
  • Unlock the Imposter Syndrome and Activate Inner Confidence - Alchemize old limiting identities to access and activate your most powerful expression.  
  • Eliminate Money Stress and Empower True Wealth - Get off the “Success Survival Cycle” and embody your innate worth to truly thrive in all areas of your life.  

No-one has got to the end of their life and said, “I wish I had of worked more” … simultaneously,  studies have shown they wish they had gone after their dreams and lived a life on purpose.

Empathy was modeled from the German word “Einfuhlung”, meaning to “Feel IN to”.

When was the last time you felt IN to and aligned with your inner world?

In this 12 Week Immersion You Will Activate, Amplify & Accelerate Your Empathic Leadership by Learning How To...

  • Eliminate burnout and anxiety and upgrade your central nervous system - 10 x your productivity, creativity and wellbeing.
  • Master the Art of Translating the Unseen -   Empower and activate the potential held within the unknown.
  • Liberate Isolation - Experience deep connection, trust and support.
  •  Become the C.E.O of Your Life - Empowerment through personal growth 
  • Differentiate How Quality Creates Quantity – Yes, less is more.
  • Embody the Trilogy of True Success – Health, Wealth of Happiness. No more living in the grey zone = “Not on, not off”.

I was about to embark on making a number of large decisions involving my career and my family.

I knew I needed to seek guidance to make sure these decisions were made from the right frame of mind.

From the very first conversation with Mish,
she had a special ability to make me feel instantly comfortable when it came to discussing my feelings and emotions. She opened my mind without me even realizing.

Her empowering approach to draw out what was needed for me move forward through her no bullshit approach was very refreshing and gave me a strong sense I was in the "right" place.

I have now made great advances in my career and relocated my family to U.S.A where I am expanding in my new executive leadership role & loving life.

I highly recommend Mish and I’m externally grateful for the guidance she has provide myself & my family.

My life over the past 5 years has been through a lot of change.

Prior to working with Mich I often felt resentful and disappointed with people at work and home for not valuing my contribution. It affected my confidence and connection with others. I was withdrawn most of the time.

In a few great sessions with Mich I was not only at the source of my resentment but my behaviour evolved in a way that had me create outcomes that I wanted, all without angst and needing to be fight to get what I want.

Getting to know my triggers, discovering the gift in each of them and aligning myself to my higher truth has been a blessing... the integration of the work has been effortless and I tangibly feel lighter and more joyful each day.

What's included in your

12 Week Package

10 x 1:1 90 Minute Sessions with Michelle  
Lifetime Access to 12 Weekly Video Tutorials, Worksheet & MP3 Audio Activations
Unlimited access to Michelle