The Word ‘Culture’ Comes from The Latin Word ‘Cultus’ which means ‘Care'.

A culture that that cultivates care, cultivates trust.

In 2016 PwC reported that 55 % of CEOs are aware that a lack of trust is a major threat to their organizations growth and are equally unaware of how to approach the issue.

According to Galop “Below the Line Behavior’s” are costing organizations $2 Trillion.

The “Golden half cuff” approach can no longer buy job satisfaction as people are now valuing fulfillment over money.

Harvard Business Review released an article sharing the neuroscience of how when people feel trust oxytocin is increased in the brain.

Oxytocin is the neurotransmitter that is known for creating bonds and increased empathy.

They found when oxytocin levels increased inside a trusting culture…

  • 74 % Less Stress - Stress is an oxytocin inhibitor
  • 74 % Less Stress - Stress is an oxytocin inhibitor
  • 50 % Higher Productivity
  • 13 % Reduced Sick Days
  • 76 % More Engagement
  • 29 % More Satisfaction
  • 40 % Less Burnout


When Emotional Intelligence is Integrated in the workplace, innovation is a natural progression that generates sustained growth & job fulfillment.

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