The SAccess Method™ is an integrated body of work that has united the greater parts to create a whole and entire transformational process.
This planet is calling for facilitators who have mastered the art of TRANSLATING the Human Experience by embracing conflict and challenges as the greatest opportunity for growth.

SAccess Method Training is designed for evolving…

  • Businesses & Entrepreneurs
  • Healers, Teachers & Coaches
  • Organisations & Teams
  • Youth Support 
…who are called to contribute to the emergence of our awakening planet by aligning colleagues, students and clients with their innate value to thrive and create sustainable outcomes for the highest good of all.

You Will Master …

  • Re-Perceiving Method - Translating the contracted lens of perception by drilling down to identify core limiting beliefs and unlocking potential.
  • Pattern Matching – Identifying power of the subconscious mind and how it can unconsciously pattern match to create a false sense of reality
  • Empowerment of Negativity - The gateway of freedom
  • Translation of Emotions - The Language of the Soul
  • Soul Contract Activation – Completion of generational default cycles to reclaim and embody inherent life gifts.
  • Sensory Transformational Facilitation - Signature Technique – A fresh and dynamic understanding of human behaviour that unlocks your untapped potential and activates wisdom.
  • The Integration of Duality Within Wholeness – The Tao – The Path.  Eastern and Western - Spiritual and Science - Fear to Freedom.
  • Life and Energy Coaching – Develop your intuitive intelligence to master your ability to read energy and guide your clients with clarity.

Three Main Pillars of Your Teacher Training…

  • Body - Trilogy of Transformation – Cognition, Nervous System, Energetic. Learn how to align all three systems to activate sustainable transformation.
  • Mind The Power of Perception -   The primary skill of a SAccess Facilitator™ is learning to TRANSLATE the Human Experience and become an Embodied Empathic Leader
  • Spirit - 5 Phases of Transformation …
  • Emotional Intelligence- Language of the Soul
  • The 5 Element Theory
  • Duality within the whole – The Tao
  • Diagnostics for Physical and Mental Aliments

Course Overview

1st Month - Foundational Principles and Processes

In the first month we will be covering the below systems to be implemented through out each of the 5 Phases in the SAccess Method Training ™ …
  • Cycles of Natural Law – Tao & 5 Element Theory – Yin and Yang
  • Sensory Transformational Facilitation
  • Anatomy of the Soul - Emotions, Feelings, Chakras
  • The Power of Perception – Translating the Human Experience
  • Integration of Unconscious and Conscious Timelines
  • Rewiring the Hard-drive – Central Nervous System.
  • Identifying Recurring Life Cycles – Access points to awaken and activate dormant potential

2nd Month - Phase 1

In the first month we will be covering the below systems to be implemented through out each of the 5 Phases in the SAccess Method Training ™ …
  • Earth Element – Spleen Energy - Observation Effect
  • Soul Contract Activation
  • Integrating Energetic Polarities
  • Physical and Emotional Diagnostics

3rd Month - Phase 2

  • Metal Element – Lung Element - Differentiating Truth from Trigger
  • Shadow Facilitation – Releasing Automated Flight & Fight
  • Awakening the power of conscious choice
  • Physical and Emotional Diagnostics

4th Month – Phase 3

  • Water Element – Kidney Energy - Know Thy Value
  • Accessing True Identity through Soul Value
  • Unpacking Soul Mission – aka Life Purpose
  • Physical and Emotional Diagnostics

5th Month - Phase 4

  • Wood Element – Liver Energy - Alignment
  • Accessing & Embodying Life Vision/ Dream
  • Taking Aligned Action
  • Physical and Emotional Diagnostics

6th Month - Phase 5

  • Fire Element - Heart - Law of Circulation
  • Actualizing Vision
  • Harnessing the Power of our True Mind
  • Physical and Emotional Diagnostics

7th Month - Clinical Application & Sales in Service

  • Sales in Service - Embodying your value of your worth to create transformational exchanges.
  • Overview and Integration of SAccess Method ™ for 2 Day Facilitator Assessment


  • Online Modules and Resources
  • 14 Group Training Calls
  • Facebook Training Hub
  • 5 One on one upgrade Sessions  
  • 5 Day Facilitator Retreat– NB Accommodation and Food Charges Are Additional  -  Dates & Venue to TBC 
  • Start Date - TBC  
  • Duration - 6 months


"For the SAccess Method™ to be recognized globally by 2026 as a go to transformational process that contributes to tipping the critical mass into accessing, activating and actualizing their potential in Personal Growth, Relationships, Private Practice, Business, Leadership, Youth Support and Organizations. "