Positive thinking keeps you stuck!!

Positive thinking keeps you stuck!!
Deep depressions, three-month bouts of being housebound with full blow PTSD, suicidal thoughts and being told I was going to be on anti-depressant and anti-psychotics for the rest of my life taught me one major lesson….
Positive thinking keeps you stuck!!
If one more person told me to shift my mind set to change my reality at that time of my life, I was going to scream …VERY loud.
Learning to be with, and consciously respond to “what is” …is a crucial life skill.
Not what it “should be” “could be” or “might be” …WHAT IS!!
If positive thinking was the answer, why is 90 % of humanity experiencing varying levels of pain, fear and confusion?
Its only half of the life equation.
To complete on the soul contact you have come here at this time to fulfill on requires you to master the language of soul…. Your emotions.
Knowing how to translate and unlock “negative” emotion will accelerate your transformation, therefore global transformation.
The origin of the word Innovate means to “restore or renew”.
To restore order, you must first learn how to access your unconscious, unseen and unknown parts.
THIS is when you find out WHO YOU ARE.
Over-riding this very process with positive thinking prolongs unnecessary suffering.
I speak from experience.
I’ve waded through the trenches.
Trust me, I learnt this the hard way.
And, it was my souls contact that I came here to complete and master.
With hand on heart, I am now deeply grateful for each and every experience as I now have the privilege to be the creator of a proven process that has shone the light on the path home for thousands to have now reclaimed the freedom of their essential….and THRIVE!!!
So many ask me …“How do you keep your light shining so bright?”
My answer …”I transform my shadow”
Fulfillment is your soul’s way of saying thank you
Its time to claim the light of your birth right.
Come discover how tomorrow night at 7 pm inside the Emotional Intelligence Masterclass 👇👇
Your soul will thank you 😘
p.s….if you resonate, please, share the love the around ❤