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Emotional Intelligence Masterclass

March 17, 2021 | Uncategorized

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I remember looking at the black board and feeling the life force drain from my body.

It felt like I had been swallowed by a black hole and spat out on a planet where nothing and no-one made any sense.

My 7-year-old self had come from a foreign country, I spoke with a different accent and had been taught how to read phonetically; spelling a word the way it sounds.

In my early developmental years I felt stupid, dumb… the black sheep.

I saw things differently. What was obvious to me wasn’t to everyone else.

I must be the freak, right?!!

As a kid, you’ll do anything to fit in….my way, was to become the class clown.

Every report card highlighted how much I talked in class 😉

I hated school…everything about it. The uniform, herd mentality, having to ask permission to go to the toilet, being forced to learn things that was of no use to me ( or my future) … the list goes on.

I mastered the art of truancy.

I did not fit in the system. I never have.

And I have Dyslexia to thank for it all.

At 26 I was done with the reality I had created, one that was full of drama and emotional turbulence.

I remember the day I looked in the mirror and declared I was the common denominator therefore I must be the one who can choose to create the change my heart desired.

I decided to go back to College and learn what I wanted to learn, Traditional Chinese Medicine.

In that first year I would turn up for exams in cold sweats, a shaking mess…petrified of failing because I believed I was stupid…”what the hell am I doing here anyway?” was the common voice I heard.

That year became my greatest gift of liberation.

It became clear I had a unique way of learning…. and the bonus prize was learning that Dyslexia was one of the highest forms of Intelligence.

Do you think I had a paradigm shift? …You bet I did.

Up until that point, I had unconsciously learnt how to read human behaviour to keep me “safe”.

Hyper vigilant of my environment.

Unbeknown to me, my unconscious protective mechanisms had been developing skills that would serve me for the rest of my life.

✅ Talking in class – I became Toastmasters public speaking champion
✅ Reading Human Behaviour – my intuition had become razor sharp
✅ Being the Black Sheep – Taught me to be a leader

One of my earliest memories was watching myself in the mirror crying and being fascinated by the image I saw. It was like another person was watching my own experience.

Years later I was sitting my fourth 10 Day Vipassana silent meditation retreat observing my internal world.

I recall asking myself …”so who is observing me observing my experience?”

A question that took me many years to find the answer to.

Humans were given the gift of “Meta Consciousness”. Meaning…”Relating to a level of thought that can contemplate the state of being conscious””

We are the only beings who have this capacity. What was designed to be our greatest super-power, messes us up the most.

Why? Because of our conditioning…herd mentality has created pack thinking vs trusting in our unique perception to be fully expressed without fear of being judged or not accepted.

Metacognition is “cognition about cognition”, “thinking about thinking”, “knowing about knowing”, becoming “aware of one’s awareness” and higher order thinking skills.

If we are unable to trust in our intuition, our metacognition becomes polarized and we get stuck in analysis paralysis feeling like we’re banging our heads against the metaphorical brick wall.

It’s time for humanity to deeply understand who we are and how we work.

When we understand, we no longer fear.

Our cognition is the lens of perception we experience life through.

Our perception is our reality.

What determines our perception is our emotions.

If no-one taught you how to read or write, social conditioning deems us Illiterate.

So much emphasis has been placed on intellectual literacy whilst our emotional literacy has barely been acknowledged.

And we wonder why we have a planet that is experiencing crippling mental health.

The top 3% of our world leaders know the real truth… Intellectual literacy is only 20% of true success. The key to boundless freedom is through an evolved Emotional Intelligence.

The Trilogy of True Success in my book is….Health, Wealth and Happiness.

The mastery is in learning how to translate the language of our soul…emotions.

Keen to get yourself some emotional literacy?

Love to share more with you inside my Emotional Intelligence Masterclass… click below to find out more. 👇

Love, always ❤


About the author, Michelle Cannan


Gifted with insightful wisdom from a young age, along with the ability to read human behavior, Michelle Cannan has the innate gift to heal and transform the unconscious. Combining this gift with other modalities including Traditional Chinese Medicine, energy work & EFT Michelle has developed the 5 step process known as "The Soul Apprenticeship"

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