Fear of Rejection

Fear of Rejection
The fear of rejection is holding humanity hostage.
It’s an outdated survival mechanism that was a vital function in our evolutionary past.
In our hunter/gatherer past, being ostracized from our tribes was akin to a death sentence, as we were unlikely to survive on our own for long.
MRI studies show that the same areas of the brain become activated when we experience rejection as when we experience physical pain.
We will do almost anything to avoid it as it destabilizes our “Need to Belong”.
Studies have shown, if given the choice, we would take physical pain over the deep emotional pain of rejection.
Our brain prioritizes rejection experiences because we are social animals who live in “tribes.” Which is why we can relive social pain more vividly than physical pain.
It gave us an evolutionary advantage by changing the way we behave and consequently, we’d remain in the tribe.
Now, rejection holds us hostage through a false sense of safety that has us overcompensating and sacrificing our soul through …
🤨 Disassociating from our deepest truth.
🤨 Seeking acceptance via social media and the pack mentality of the “Cancel Culture”.
🤨 People pleasing
🤨 Withdrawing & Shrinking to remain unseen and “safe”
🤨 Supressing the expression of the hearts desire
🤨 Pursuing something or someone when it didn’t feel right.
I hear so many people sharing…“I just don’t feel like I belong”… “I don’t fit in” … “Something is off and don’t know what”…“I don’t want to do this anymore”…and yet, keep doing the same thing.
Seeking asylum inside the safe walls of the known is directly linked to avoiding rejection.
It’s unconsciously creating the very pain & fear that you are trying to find refuge from.
The amount of people that share with me they are experiencing suicidal thoughts is rising at rapid rates.
These all-time high levels of anxiety and depression are asking our central nervous system (aka hard drive) to evolve and upgrade.
The greatest work of humanity right now is learning how to master our central nervous systems.
Rejection is like a guard that stands at the gate of freedom and denies entry.
It keeps you locked inside the “safety” of the known … validating the world is an unsafe place… allowing the “story” to live through you that can be disguised as “taking a stand” or “being a victim to global, personal or professional circumstances”.
We were born with two survival instincts… the fear of loud noises and falling. Every other aspect of safety has been a conditioning you learnt.
One of the core limiting beliefs I witness with those I journey with is…“It’s not safe to be me”.
If it’s not safe to be you…
👉 How are you going to feel safe in the world?
👉 Feel like you belong?
👉 FULLY embody the powerhouse you are to have profound meaningful relationships?
👉 Be able to contribute in ways that allow you feel connected and fulfilled?
Until inner freedom is a priority, the continuum of humanities collective pain will amplify and the B.S (Belief Systems) continue to run the show.
The “Survival Success Cycle” is a hungry beast that is being feed by our fear of rejection, letting go and a false sense of safety.
The mastery is learning how, (H)Holy (O)wnership (W)ithin, to translate the “negative” experience as the transformational gateway home to your YOUnified Self.
Rejection is a call home to CONNECTION.
Connection to the deepest expression of your soul self where you are able to access…
☯️ TRUST as the key that opens the freedom gate.
☯️ CONTRIBUTION activating collective consciousness
☯️ CELEBRATION amplifing lightness…no matter how big or small
☯️ GRATITUDE for ALL experiences returning us the power of presence
☯️ ACCEPTANCE relinquishing judgement
☯️ PLEASURE alchemizing disappointment
☯️ PEACE dispeling entrapment
☯️ LOVE where all the answers are found.
To access these feelings as your true nature you have to be willing to adventure out into the wilderness of the “unknown” where you are going to feel “Unsafe” and potentially experience the pain of rejection.
The only way out is through.
Ready and willing to claim the Freedom to be YOU? 😘