Unlock your “Gateway of Transformation home to inner freedom

Unlock your “Gateway of Transformation home to inner freedom
“W.T.F …I’ve done so much work on myself, how can I still be experiencing the same B.S”?
I must hear this line several times a week.
It’s also a question I use to ask myself, continuously.
It became the driving force that had me travel many emotional, physical and professional miles to find the answer.
When we arrive at these “Life Junctions” and are standing at the doorway of a W.T.F moment….it can feel like we’ve reached a threshold of hopelessness, frustration, denial or despair.
The Truth is, its …
✔️ A place I have come to know as the “Gateway of Transformation”
✔️ A place where our unconscious and conscious timelines meet.
✔️ A place that can feel so amplified with emotion we feel like we could anatomically combust.
A threshold is where something ends and begins.
This is the place where we are invited to embody the power of choice, as it was intended.
To complete old cycles and welcome the newness of the unknown.
THIS place, scares the shit out of most humans until we understand how to align our Cognitive, Neural and Energetic systems.
A process I have coined the “Trilogy of Transformation”.
Compartmentalizing these systems when processing, isolates aspects of self.
Emotions are the linchpins that link all three of these systems.
Mastering their power, their language, their capacity to create our reality is the key to stepping through the threshold with certainty.
Transforming W.T.F moments into (W)aking to (F)reedom (M)oments through the power of choice is the deepest work we can do as humans at this life junction.
I observe so many caught in the B.S (Belief System😉) of having no choice. Trying to override, avoid or submit to their current reality as… “These were the cards I was delt”
There is a new way, a way that allows our hearts to open and trust in self, life and the process… especially when we are deeply triggered.
First, we need to know we have the power of choice and how to activate it IN the heat of such moments to set ourselves free.
THIS has been my life work… My Souls Mission…. I have walked this path… LIVED this path and breath THIS path…in EVERY single moment.
THIS is my invitation to you to join me on this path to unlock your “Gateway of Transformation” home to inner freedom.
I share all in the Emotional Intelligence Masterclass on the 12th April.
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