❓A question I denied myself for years.
❓A question that was for others.
❓A question that instantly took me to guilt and selfishness

In fact, the question was so foreign to me when I was asked, I had no idea of the answer.

I knew what I didn’t want.

It just didn’t occur to me at that time to ask …“What do I want?”

As a child, I was continually told I was “liberty taker” when I chose what I wanted.

Especially when what I chose was not in accordance with those around me that were “authority” figures.

It was their way or the high way.

I took the high way. Every time.

And for this I was wronged, the wild one who never listened.

I always saw things differently. To express my perception would generally lead to rejection. It hurt. And, sometimes it still does. More on that later.

I spent a good few decades feeling incredibly misunderstood, “square peg roll hole” scenario.

Yet I kept jamming myself in that dam hole until I “fitted” in the mold. Regardless of how contained that self-imposed straight jacket felt, it kept me “safe”.

I had become that person someone else needed me to become to fit their reality and therefore somehow…I belonged.

Shrinking, subordinating & self-sacrifice was exhausting.

The cost, my inner freedom. A cost I was not wiling to pay one day longer.

When I got that we are hardwired to do ANYTHING to avoid rejection the light came on!!

The same pain receptors in our brain light up when we experience physical pain or emotional rejection.

In fact, we’d prefer to experience physical pain.

Rejection is your souls call to true connection of your self-expression.

Releasing the control of having to try and make life look a certain way frees you from working so hard to override your hearts desire because we’ve been conditioned to believe we’ve got to work hard to get a head….I call B.S.

There is an incredible sense of relief when this realisation lands.

It’s time to FEEL what you THINK, TRUST what you FEEL and ACT on what you TRUST.

Allow yourself to be allured by the beckoning of the unknown parts of yourself that are wanting to be explored.

Adventure awakens and fuels the wild untamed spirit of creation.

It’s in this place of surrender I discovered WHO I AM…

A mischievous misfit who’s a rebel with a cause and is now calling her kindred tribe…

Tell me, tell me…do you feel like you…

🔥Don’t fit in & don’t belong
🔥SEE things differently
🔥FEEL misunderstood & displaced
🔥Over being told you’re weird
🔥Are a suppressed non-conformer
🔥Done not backing yourself & your vision
🔥Over the cookie cutter model of “leadership” and want play by your own rules.

You’re head nodding…

How much longer are you going to keep denying who you are to be accepted by the those that fear their own light?

Word to the wise, allowing your light to shine in their presence, is the greatest act of unconditional love.

The quality of your question determines the quality of your life. My invitation to you is to ask yourself…

“What do you want, REALLY WANT?”