Follow Your Calling

Follow Your Calling

A few weeks before I found my mum passed away, I was made redundant in the 2009 G.F.C from a corporate consultancy role. I was going through a heavy relationship break up, dealing with an irate father and was left to sort out my mother’s estate who had died without a will…and, if I wanted to honour her legacy, I had to find $250k to do so. 

Alone, traumatised & petrified of losing everything, I tossed & turned through sleepless nights, cold sweats & the fetal position rocking to try and ease the intensity of what felt like electric bolts of anxiety piercing through my body. 

The last words my mother spoke to me were…”Shelly, there is always an answer”… the irony huh?! 

Her words were on repeat echoing up from the core of my soul, and were closely followed by “Build it and they will come”. 

Most thought the “voices” to be a symptom of a nervous breakdown as I had been, once again, pushed to an edge many had not experienced. And yet, they were the only words that made any sense in the craziness spinning around me. 

EVERY unwanted recurring cycle had blown up in my face like an atomic bomb at once…mental, physical, financial, relationship and the biggest one of all, spiritual. 

My faith was tested, undeniable. 

I had two choices…continue the fight against life or surrender to “The Call” of life. 

I chose the latter.

As I rose through the ashes like phoenix emerging from the underworld of the darkest night of my soul…I began to see how EVERY SINGLE experience had been beautifully orchestrated for my highest good.

Through my greatest pain came my greatest gift…true freedom.

I began to translate the human experience as a powerful transformational pathway home to the light.

It was like I had signed up for an apprenticeship designed to teach me the skills required to align with the mastery of my life. 

Every challenge a soul assignment, a CALLING, gifting me the opportunity to grow and expand. 

Learning to become comfortable with being uncomfortable allowed fear to become my ally, no longer the enemy. 

We fear what we don’t understand and fight the very experience that is wanting to lead us to the gates of liberation. 

When we came into this world, we were given every other manual except the one on how to be mentally, emotionally, physically & financially free.

Like I did … you’ve probably tried it all and come such a long way in your personal growth and evolution… And yet, you’re still defaulting to the same patterns, behaviours and cycles that are driving you insane…right? 

Oh, I get it. 

The amount of times people have asked me in complete despair… 

“But, HOW Mish, HOW do I FINALLY break free of this Sh#t? “ 

My response…

” Learn how to Follow Your Calling. It’s the only way to unlock your greatest potential trapped inside your unwanted, frustrating recurring life cycles. When you do, you’ll awaken your power & actualize the wealth of your dreams” 

I have now seen the alchemy of this process transform thousands of lives. 

And, it’s the very reason I have created a FREE 3 Part video training on the 3 Key Principles to help guide you home to the gift of YOU….

I share ….

🔥 Key Principles 1 # Positive thinking is keeping you stuck 

🔥Key Principles 2 # Getting Comfortable with being uncomfortable.

🔥Key Principles 3 # Know thy Self, Know they Value

Are you done suppressing, avoiding or overriding that part of that is aching to ignite the fire in your belly, set your wild spirit free and expand into a new dimension of influence and wealth?

Then come join me and a tribe of heart-centered visionaries who are ready to follow their calling and crack the freedom code by clicking on the link below and I’ll see you on the other side….