Emotional Intelligence is crucial in this time

Emotional Intelligence is crucial in this time
The unknown can feel extremely destabilizing.
When survival instincts kick-in, your shadow self is going to hi jack you and your experience limiting your capacity to access the options available to you.
Knowing how to translate your fear as an activator of your potential is paramount to the outcomes you will create.
More than ever, we are being asked to remain present, connected to our inner worlds and respond in alignment to what is desiring to emerge from within us.
Your emotions are the language of your soul.
Your soul is your greatest guide right now on the road less travelled.
It takes incredible TRUST in self, life and the process to connect, receive and act on the answers that come deep from within.
Now is the time to master your conscious fitness above all.
To learn how to re-set your central nervous system.
Front line responders have been trained how to maintain the vibration of peace in their bodies to be able to access and act on the most appropriate choices in acute situations.
You too have this capacity.
Our central nervous systems are like a hard drive. Our old programs have been wanting to upgrade for some time now through what we have been labeling Anxiety and Depression.
How many times has your computer let you know it wants to run an upgrade and you click “later” every time it comes up … and then right in the middle of your document, bang… computer says NOW…. And you lose everything you were working on.
❓Did we have a warning, yes we did.
❓Were we too busy to take the action needed, yes we were.
❓Are we able to possibly recover the document or rewrite a better one. YES WE CAN.!!
Our global conscious hard drive is running its upgrade NOW.
Our nervous systems connect us all…mirror neurons are firing on all cylinders…which means we are going to mirror each other through what is known as limbic resonance.
When you master your own central nervous system, you are able to unhook from the external world triggering your internal world and return home to the freedom of your essential nature.
An existential crisis is our soul’s way of getting our attention to re-evaluate how we are existing … surviving or thriving?
Creation LIVES in the adventure playground of the unknown.
The habit of human behaviour has had us trapped inside the safety of the known….the ritual of activating human potential will lead us home to access innovation, freedom of choice and deep connections.
If you feel learning the “The Reset process” would be of benefit to you, please, drop me a message below and i’ll send you the link to join the LIVE daily workshops as my gift to you.
Remember beautiful people, when we feel, we heal and so does our planet.
There is always an answer.
You’ve got this ❤