Transform Fear into Freedom

Transform Fear into Freedom
A few weeks before I found my mother passed away, I was made redundant in the 2009 G.F.C from a corporate consultancy role. I was going through a heavy relationship break up, dealing with an irate father and was left to sort out my mother’s estate who had died without a will…and, if I wanted to continue her legacy I had to find $350k to do so.
It was the grand finale of a series of extreme recurring life cycles that had me feeling like I was hexed and void of choice.
There was a huge part of me that wanted to sell everything, flee to Mexico, import Jewelry and never be seen again.
The last few years Mum and I had done a lot of work to heal a very volatile relationship between us. She was a Spiritual Healer who was in deep pain. A combination that lead me to make a very clear decision, I NEVER wanted to do what she did.
Never say never huh?!!
6 months on it was Mother’s Day, I was laying on the floor having a glass of wine with Lulu, Mums beloved dog who was so old she could barely see, hear or walk … but somehow her spirit kept mine going….and me in one spot.
It was that night it suddenly dawned on me; I was finally home.
I had literally and metaphorically been running from the home since I was 14 years old.
The irony of the transformational cycle had me do a whole lap around this plant to be called back to the very place I had been running from to discover, Oh, I am spiritual healer… divine perfection right there.
Resistance was futile.
In those initial 6 months, I peeled back each painful layer, rode out the cold sweats as I rocked myself in the fetal position petrified I would lose everything.
The mental chatter kept gnawing away at me …I wasn’t capable enough; I didn’t know enough, I sure as hell wasn’t emotionally stable enough… in the insanity of it all, the only thing that made any sense was a calm and steady voice that came from deep within me…. “Build it and they will come”
As I rose like the phoenix through the ashes, my lens of perception shifted to be able to SEE how EVERY life challenge (and there were some doozies) had been a part of a master plan for me to learn, grow and receive a powerful gift from.
Its now 10 years later.
I feel I have emerged from an incubation phase where I have been deep in cultivating, downloading, integrating and serving through a body of knowledge that I feel I have been gifted the custodianship of to contribute and guide others home through.
Discovering I have been accessing the Akashic Records since I was a child brought a relief that I finally understood where I was accessing knowledge my human self had no reference of…I wasn’t a freak.
My greatest work of all…. Transforming the belief,…” I never want to be like my mother”… to complete on our soul contract and step in the power of who I AM.
A gift that just keeps on giving, thank you Mumma.
It is now time to come out of hills and serve like never before.
Globally, The Shadow and light are amplified like no other time in history.
Which means, we have no known outcome.
For some that is a terrifying thought.
For others, it is the dawning of a new era.
Either way, humanity is being called to transform all perceived limitations.
To do that, we must each individually do the work and claim the gift we have come here to contribute.
It takes deep trust and courage to take each and every step.
✅ To understand how to translate fear, pain and confusion as the activator of your greatest potential.
✅To harness the power of your emotions to manifest and call in all that I you are being guided to serve.
✅To OWN your light and take a stand for freedom within, therefore without.
I have now guided thousands of others through the very same steps I have walked.
I have drawn from a wealth of wisdom and integrated different bodies of knowledge I’ve studied over 25 years from Traditional Chinese Medicine to ancient and contemporary teachings (yup..,science too) to show you how to access and activate the wealth of your dreams.
This body of knowledge is the road map on how to navigate uncharted waters.
When you came into this world, you were given every other manual except the one on how to be mentally, emotionally, physically & financially free.
No one taught us HOW TO translate adversity, challenges and triggers as soul assignments that are profoundly designed for us to evolve and grow through to BEcome the person we were designed for.
It’s time to learn your soul’s language… emotional intelligence.
Without this knowledge, you will feel powerless to the choices that are doing everything in the power to get your attention in the most cryptic way.
I know that place intimately, I also know it is a choice to stay there.
The “Access Method” is a proven 5 Phase Transformational process that IS the manual on how to thrive in the Human Experience.
On the 22nd April at 7 pm I will be holding a FREE masterclass where I will show you the step by step process to transform fear into freedom and LIVE the life you were designed for…
By choosing to click on the link below, you will be taking your first step on your journey home to your inner freedom my friend 👇👇
Lets do this… you, me and one incredible collective ready to contribute to tipping the critical mass into awakening 💛🌎💛
There is ALWAYS answer, ALWAYS!!
Feel free to share the love around 💋