by Michelle Cannan

Withdrawing From A Habit

April 5, 2021 | Uncategorized

Changing a behavioral habit can literally feel like you are withdrawing from a drug habit.
In a way, you are.
In our early developmental years, we worked out how to receive attention based on how our needs were met…or not met.
90 % of the time the pleasure hormone, dopamine, was unconsciously anchored to a behaviour that ensured we received THAT attention.
The behaviour then became a habit.
In the absence of that habit, dopamine creates a craving so strong you will seek out THAT attention unconsciously ….at any ironic, painful cost to have a fleeting moment of dopamine pleasure.
This unconscious recognition and need for love will active a behaviour that feels like a deep longing or an aching so impulsive we act out in ways that would, at its most extreme, appear to be insane.
As Einstein said…. “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome is the definition of insanity”
And, we wonder why we recreate the same cycles in one or more of our life pillars over and over again..
👉 Mental – Depression, Anxiety, Negative thinking, Obsession, Judgments
👉 Physical – Weight fluctuation, Food habits, Excessive Exercise right through to Stagnation
👉 Spiritual – Spiritual bypassing avoiding ownership, pain and deep embodiment
👉 Financial – Always in debt, Good months/ Bad months, Never enough or living week to week
👉 Professional – Over achieving and exhausted, always getting fired, recurring dramas with the co—workers, don’t know what you want to do, can’t make anything work
👉 Relationship to self and others – Toxic relationships, sex addiction, no idea who you are, infidelity, communication breakdowns, can’t make or keep friends or relationships, can’t be alone to self isolation.
How many times have you tried to break free from any of these recurring habits to agonisingly have it show up AGAIN no matter what you’ve worked through or tried to avoid?
Its called survival.
An Instinct so deep in you that every primordial fiber of humanness will do anything to make sure you feel like you belong.
There was a study carried out to determine what effected productivity levels in the workplace.
The outcomes showed when a person received no attention their productivity dropped between 60 -70 %. When they received negative reinforcement, their productivity dropped between 25-35 %.
What does the outcome show us… we would prefer to receive negative attention than no attention.
Humans are designed to bond.
Attention “should” nourish our needs when we consciously understand what they are and how to meet them ourselves to co-relate and create healthy bonds with another.
Until we do, the never-ending loop of doom keeps repeating with the soul intention to shift YOUR attention to transform.
In a world of short-term gratification and social media mania, your notification dopamine “bings” are feeding a deprived sense of self.
Humanities needs are malnourished due to and escalating level of superficial attention.
We are starving for deep connections that opens the heart and fulfills the soul.
The force of habit is a force to be reckoned with.
When we know how to access the source of the causative force behind habitual behaviors…what use to feel like a long, hard withdrawal shifts to a welcomed opportunity for profound growth.
Its time to shift the unconscious survival habits of human behavior to be able to active and ritualize human potential and THRIVE.
Cultivating Emotional Intelligence is the KEY to unlocking your potential to FINALLY actualize all your heart desires.
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Gifted with insightful wisdom from a young age, along with the ability to read human behavior, Michelle Cannan has the innate gift to heal and transform the unconscious. Combining this gift with other modalities including Traditional Chinese Medicine, energy work & EFT Michelle has developed the 5 step process known as "The Soul Apprenticeship"

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