Self Love

Self Love

I was listening to Bruce Lipton being interviewed. He is the scientist who discovered Epigenetics and is the author of “The Biology of Belief”.’

I was astounded when he quoted the below…”

“When 85 – 90% of people’s subconscious minds were tested with the words “I love myself” their programming did NOT support the instruction”

To put this into context, this tells us 85 – 90 % of people living on this planet right now have no idea who they are!

A big statement, I know.

Here’s where I am driving from.

I wholeheartedly believe our only purpose as humans is to BE love, give love and receive love. Our life mission is how we express that love.

Your subconscious mind determines 90 % of your behaviors. If it does not recognise self-love yet recognises self-limitation then we have up to 90 % of our planet living in limitation and denying themselves their birth right…To Thrive.

How does this relate to our lives?

I invite you to reflect on the New’s Resolutions you made for 2018…firstly, feel into why you initially created them and then ask yourself.

Did I…

💓Actualise my heart’s desire?

💓“Achieve” what I wanted yet I don’t feel fulfilled?

💓 Make an attempt and defaulted back to the existing status quo?

Only 3 % of people will actualise their true hearts-desire, 7% will achieve their goals without feeling any or little fulfillment & 90% will default back into the comfort of the known.

Why? Because of the conditioning and inability to love oneself ENOUGH to choose action in alignment with the heart’s desire.

Love is not a buzz word. Love is not a new age spiritual excuse to bypass ownership. Love is not conditional. Love is not reactive. There is no lack in love.

Love is the breath of life. Love heals. Love is real. Love can be tough. Love can be soft. Love is light. Love responds. Love is abundant.

Love has your back when you turn and face your shadow. The shadow is simply love in another form called fear.

Fear is the suppressed expression of love calling you to transform. If you are not programmed to recongise love, then all you recongise is fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of change, fear of love itself.

Transformation is not for the faint heart, although it is the heart of the matter, your matter. We are on an accelerated path, anything that is no longer serving you will amplify in your reality to be seen, heard and loved into transformation.

You simply need to learn how to translate and transition though each experience to receive the gift of liberation that awaits you.

As 2018 comes to completion. Reflect on the intentions you set at the beginning of the year. did you fall into the 3%, 7% or 90%.

If you’re in the 97% before setting any intentions for 2019, I invite you to lovingly reflect on the below questions, respond in the thread below & over the next few weeks we’ll be explore intention setting for 2019 based on self love 

💓 How do you experience self love?

💓 How do you express self love?

💓 How do you love yourself?