Do you TRUST yourself?

Do you TRUST yourself?

Do you TRUST in the safety of the unknown?

Do you TRUST in your relationship with life?

Do you TRUST in yourself?

Trust is the anchor that connects you to your “Inner Knowing”.

Conditioning has taught us… “You don’t know what you don’t know”.

I call B.S.

Here’s what I know…”You don’t know that you already know”

Without trust we fight against life, we feel unsafe and we’ll do ANYTHING to avoid the unknown… including, staying in pain.

Looping through doubt, confusion and second guessing yourself are telltale signs you’ve lost trust in trust itself.

When you resist life, life amplifies resistance.

It knocks harder, pleading for you to open the door to let it in.

How many times have you been smack bang in a crisis calling to be shown the door out of THAT place?!

I know I did, MANY times.

You are life in e-motion, a masterpiece in creation, a living library that holds deep, innate knowledge at the very core of cellular body.

So much so, when you are connected to trust your body knows to increase Oxytocin. The hormone that plays a role in social bonding.

If we don’t trust, we don’t bond. We isolate and separate. Primarily from self, therefore life.

There is a soul hunger on our planet for us to return home to the freedom of our essential nature.

A longing to deeply know thy self.

So how do we get home?

There is a map.

A map that countless people have traveled before you to discover the power that lies within.

A recent share from a fellow traveler…

“I am so excited. I can see myself now.. doing what I want to be doing. I can actually visualise it now, touch it, taste it, feel it. Yes! Yes! Yes! The time has come! It’s within my grasp.”

Trust is an activator of change.

Without it, you’re stuck.

If you’re frustrated after having done incredible amounts of personal growth and still repeating the same cycles… you are closer to the transformational gate than you believe my friend. TRUST.

If you’ve never done any self-discovery work and have a knowing there must be another way, TRUST in that.

Or, you’re gearing up to level up …I’m sure you TRUST in synchronicity if you’re reading this post.

You’re designed to experience abundance, fulfillment and happiness.

Ready to reclaim your birthright?

Then click here to discover the map home…

and, let’s get that Oxytocin connection happening.