There’s A LOT of talk about re-claiming, activating, owning and igniting our POWER on the planet right now. 🔥🔥🔥⚡⚡

Cool…but what does that exactly mean. 

Being told do something without understanding HOW to do it, sets us up for comparison and a whole lot’a “I’m not good enough”. 

I feel it’s safe to say, we’ve reached a global consensus that life in all forms is, energy. Whether kinetic, solar, heat, wind, gravitational, electric or the human cellular construct…its ALL energy. 🍃🔥⚡🌏

Energy is power. 

The word “power” ⚡ conjures up varying experiences in people. Some equate power to control, authority & dominance. Other perceive money as powerful force that amplifies greed & selfish intent. And for the most part, we fear our own power because we don’t truly understand its magnificence. 

Why? Because claiming our power means owning EVERY single aspect of ones life. It means “letting go” of everything that has been keeping us “safe” and protected inside the limitations of known. 

Bottom line, power creates change. 

Thousands of people globally are feeling the call to break free, yet are petrified of breaking down their old paradigms to break through. 

Energy ⚡is then suppressed, pushed down and contained. The pressure builds & pushes against the internal walls of limitation screaming to break free, like hostage held prisoner. We translate that experience as stress, anxiety, depression, physical disharmonious, relationship break downs & financial struggle. (Yes, money is simply an amplifier of who you are Being) 

🌏🌏Major economic, educational, political, environmental systems are breaking down, a sign of something larger trying to unfold, personally and globally. The crises we face today are not simply the result of mistakes we’ve made; they’re evolutionary catalysts, calling us to connect and to our vision and highest values, so that our next stage of potential can unfold.🌏🌏

The longer we fear our own power the longer we personally, therefore globally, stay stuck spinning our wheels and conveniently blaming the external world for our internal lack. 

We individually hold the power to actualise global change. FACT!! 

Our 300 million year old reptilian brain 🧠 is ready for an upgrade. It’s time to learn how to transform our false sense of survival to allow our wildly powerful true nature free in celebration of life, no longer commiseration. 

Universal Law of Oneness states… 

“There is only One Life, One Power, One Presence, One Substance, One Creative Principle and One Activity” 🌀

There are many “Unchanging” universal laws and principles that were given to us from the beginning of time. 

Change is an illusion. 

The ONLY thing that is changing is that we are waking up to our self-imposed limitations, releasing separation, isolation and competition to return home to the incredible power of YOUnity consciousness to connection through contribution & co-creation …WHOLEISM. 

That part of you that is aching to be expressed, that fire in your belly that is wanting to ignite your passion & turn on your light to be seen in all your magnificence…when was the last time you allowed that part of you to unapologetically be expressed?🔥🔥💞💞

It takes more energy to fight & suppress that very part of you that is screaming to be unleashed than to allowing your light to shine. FACT!! 

I know you know there is more to your experience called life. 
TRUST IN THAT…it’s your soul calling home to the power of YOU! 

Ready to CLAIM IT???!! 🔥🔥⚡⚡♥️♥️

Click on that link below and learn HOW….I’m coming to Brisbane 30th March to join forces Flex Hot Yoga