Years ago when I was in China finishing my bachelor to become a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, I had the very good fortune to witness Eastern and Western Medicine working together as an integrated whole.

In the Hospitals in China they have Eastern and Western wings under the same roof. To witness, experience and be a part of such an effective medicine model was awe inspiring.

One day a doctor said to me... "You westerners, you hobble. Only one leg standing...why?" He just couldn't comprehend why we have compartmentalized our health care system.

Since that day, it has been my dream to see our contemporary health care model return to what has been an ancient practice since the beginning of time.

I applaud the MD's & Specialists in the below video who are pioneers in uniting what is known in the west as the "Functional medicine movement".

They are educating & advocating & making well-being choices accessible, safe & common knowledge for every person to become empowered.

Here's a few of their quotes.....

Dr Paul Winterton - Orthopedic Surgeon - Uses the doTerra oils for pre and post operative support for his patience

 Dr James Geiger MD - Anesthesiologist & now Aromatherapist – He was a skeptic

Dr Brannick Riggs Family MD - "In medicine we look for Chemical structures that will reproduce the same results every time. If I’m going to use an oil…I want it to reproduce the same results everytime."

Dr David Steuer – What we are doing with oils is not only Real and valued it should be expected and demanded by the health care industry.

Dr Jessica L.M Herzog - Safe for all Age groups – Continual use builds Confidence.

Dr Joshua Yorgason - Ears nose and throat specialist - He demonstrates in the video with the other doctors the safety of doTerra Essential Oils.

Click here to watch these Doctors share their personal and professional experiences for yourself.

I'll be sharing some great stuff on these incredible gifts from the earth at Flex Hot Yoga on 8th Dec. Click here for the deets.