Gifted with insightful wisdom from a young age, along with the ability to read human behavior, Michelle Cannan came into this world a born healer.

The first half of Michelle’s life presented her with major life challenges to navigate. Each experience revealing a piece of the life puzzle for her to awaken through.

After 20 years of seeking answers from all over the world on how to transform her own pain and confusion, Michelle’s desire was to create a process that would empower people to consciously recognise each challenge as a opportunity for evolution.

In her quest, Michelle received a Bachelor in Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2004 and has since cultivated her Business and medical intuitive skills, studied various neural and energetic modalities to develop her signature five phase transformational process known as “The Soul Apprenticeship”.

Michelle has supported thousands of people to unlock frustrating re-occurring life cycles in their personal and professional lives to align, rise and SHINE to LIVE a life by soulful design.

As well as her Acupuncture practice, Michelle facilitates one-on-one “Soul Alignment” sessions, runs her signature workshops “The Soul Apprenticeship” and “The Essential Elements of Success – The Business of you”  and loves to share her message through key-note speaking.