Every cell in my body is beyond excited for your journey ahead.

When you wholeheartedly embody the GIFT of YOU, you BEcome an unwavering force for good.  

Leading from your soul is a powerful life lived in ease, grace, joy and connection. 

Let's get your adventure under way... below are the dates to schedule & prioritize in your diary now...

  1. Soul Mastery 12 Week Immersion  Begins   29th July 2024. You will be able to access your online course content as of the 22nd July.
  2.  Your 8 Personal One-On- One sessions will be booked separately
  3. 6 x Group Q & A Group Calls - Tuesday nights - 7.00 pm Q.L.D - A.E.S.T  

Group Call 1 -    30th July
Group Call 2 –  
13th August
Group Call 3 -  
 27th August
Group Call 4 –  
10th September
Group Call 5 –  
24th September

Group Call 6  -  8th Oct

       4. To log in click on the same membership site as you did for SAccess Method and you will see the Soul Mastery Immersion.  

I truly consider it a deep honor to have the privilege of empowering you to activate your gifts to serve, shine and expand into a new dimension of influence and wealth.

In loving support, always 


If you have any questions, email Michelle at