Activate your gifts to serve, shine and expand into a new dimension of influence and wealth.

The Soul Mastery is a profound process that integrates the embodiment of your supernatural

abilities to express your souls mission with passion and confidence.

It’s time to ignite your internal fire and light up your heart-centered purpose.

You are a visionary leader who has a unique GIFT that only YOU can contribute to the

emergence of our awakening planet.

"The lens through which you see life, is how you LIVE life"

Michelle Cannan

Are you ready to…

  • Be Seen, Heard & Shine - COMPLETELY break free from silencing, shrinking & hiding inside the safety of a world you no longer fit in by owning your gift & shining as the liberated, heart-aligned conscious self-leader you are.
  • Awaken your power –  Wholeheartedly transform ingrained habits of limitation & judgment as a rite of passage that powerfully unleashes your creative genius & highest truth.
  • Own your misfit & manifest miracles - Shift from feeling like the ‘black sheep’ to embracing your unique perception as your innate gift & contribution to the planet.
  • BE the clarity of your message -  Align, integrate & empower feelings of being misunderstood to FULLY embodying the clarity of your self-expression and attract your tribe and/or clients like never before. 
  • Back yourself -   Liberate from the constant struggle of feeling disappointed as you witness others shine in the glory of your unexpressed vision because you didn’t back yourself.   
  • Activate your worth –  Transform any abundance shadows that are diluting your worth & value by awakening your inherent wealth through deepening your connection with source energy & your soul blueprint.
  • Embody Self-Love – Prioritize self-care, eliminate exhaustion & elevate vitality through ritualising energy management to create sustainable, fulfilling & joyous experiences.
  • Actualise your dream life - Release any residual resistants or blocks to becoming a soul aligned, fully expressed, empowered visionary who  experiences  life/work flow by design. 

"Michelle is an absolute whole-hearted, super charged, powerhouse of wisdom and insight. She has helped me see how to transform my shadow to gifts and I am eternally grateful for her presence and guidance. She has anchored the light for me to step into the unknown"

"I reached out to Michelle because I felt stuck, locked in a loop of pain from my past that I couldn’t find a way out of.

Just two weeks after working with her I feel safe to be seen and heard, have already completed 20,000 words of my book and for the first time in years I have found love with my dream man."

As a Soul Apprenticeship graduate you are now consciously aware and
ready to play an active role in the larger evolutionary global shift.

There is no other substitute for YOUR GIFT in this world. 

You hold a vital and unique key that is a crucial contribution to the emerging consciousness of our planet. 

In this 12 Week immersion you will activate, amplify & accelerate your soul mastery by learning how to...

  • Access and Activate your inherent wealth - Know your value, know your worth, BE abundant. 
  • Harness & Hold Your Frequency - Exponential growth through quantum leaps with Grace & Ease.
  • LIVE in alignment with your deepest TRUTH - YOUnity consciousness   
  • Master the art of translating the unseen -   Empower and activate the potential held within the unknown       
  • Master your Emotional Mindset – Supercharge your superpower & become a manifesting maestro  
  • Embody the Trilogy of True Success - Health, Wealth and Happiness
  • Light up through Universal Law -   Live in harmony with life supporting principles   
  • Dive deep into the 5 Phases of the Transformational Cycle…
  • Energy management is the new time management -  Soul Values, Chakras & Elements.
  • Activate your Soul Pillars - The foundation for sustainable growth
  • The Tao – Embody the most scared union of all…..The integration of your Feminine and Masculine polarities to FEEL your wholeness of your purest power.

"Some of the most trialling experiences I've had to experience were made easier because of Michelle’s help, support and training. Her ability to shift the view of any situation has lead me to have a new understanding of people and a new outlook that I can use for any situation. "There is always an answer" words that will forever resonate with me"

"I was at a point where I was over my life, I’d had several failed marriages, just come out of a long-term relationship and had lost everything. I had tired numerous forms of therapy so when I was told about Michelle, I was very skeptical. Well...this lady was the real deal. I was void of feeling any emotion. I “understood” why I was where I was in life but didn’t know how to change it. Michelle taught me to understand the “story” and the power of what we perceive. I learnt how to fully express myself and translate the “triggers” into gifts. I have found the TRUE version of me and loving life."

What’s included in your Soul Mastery 12 Week Immersion …

  • 8 x One on One Sessions with Mish
  • 6 x Group Q & A Zoom Activation Calls
  • Facebook Mastermind Group & Support
  • Lifetime access to online course content that includes …
  • Weekly Video Modules
  • Weekly Activation Worksheets
  • Weekly MP3 Audio Activations

Start Date – 4th March 2024

Duration - 12 weeks

Transformational Exchange - $3,300   

Pay in Full Bonus – 10 % off Full Transformational Exchange

Payment Plan – 8 x Monthly Payments of $425

There are only 10 places available to ensure quality is the primary objective for the highest good of all

Now is your time to align, rise and SHINE

Click on the I'M IN button below and let's do this, together

Who am I and why would you trust me?  

Let me start with the Grand Finale....

A few weeks before I found my mother passed away, I was made redundant in the 2009 G.F.C from a corporate consultancy role.  

I was going through a heavy relationship break up, dealing with an irate father and was left to sort out my mothers estate who had died without a will...and, if I wanted to continue her legacy I had to find $250k to do so.  

Through the cold sweats and fetal position rocking, I heard a calm and steady voice the kept repeating, "Build it and they will come"

It was a call from my soul to trust, lean in and keep moving towards everything I wanted to run from. 

I have walked the path.  I’ve journeyed through the deepest darkest nights with my soul. There were some corridors so long, I wasn’t sure if there even was a light at the end of it. 

As I peeled back each painful layer, I rose like the phoenix through the ashes shifting my perception as I was able to SEE how EVERY life challenge (and there were some doozies) had been a part of a master plan for me to learn, grow and receive a powerful gift from. 

Having now guided thousands of others through the very same steps I have walked, I know with all that I AM "The Soul Apprenticeship" is the manual on how to thrive in the Human Experience.

I have drawn from a wealth of wisdom and integrated different bodies of knowledge I’ve studied over 25 years from Traditional Chinese Medicine to ancient and contemporary teachings ( too) to show you how to achieve your own transformation too. 

I know you have the courage to lean in to the same OLD stories (excuses) that have kept you stuck inside the fear of not having enough time, money or belief that change is possible to 100% backing yourself!! 

What you wait for weighs you down...ready to lighten the load?  

Of course you are!

You're one click away from taking the first towards your journey home to freedom.


Frequently Asked Questions

01. Why is this process any different to anything else I’ve done?

This process is not a rah rah, dopamine "high"  where you head back out into the world to experience the "disappointment come down" because nothing changed, again. 

It is a deep dive into the part of you that is aching to be heard, seen and loved, by you.  That part of you that is so misunderstood & calling you home to connect and align with the freedom of your essential nature to create sustainable, fulfilling transformational exchanges in all areas of your life

02. How do I know if this is the process for me?

  • If you feel like you’ve done SO much work on personal growth journey but you’re still somehow trapped in the same old cycles and are starting to think that nothing is ever going to change….The Soul Apprenticeship is for YOU!!
  • If you feel an uneasy feeling in your heart, body or soul that you just can't put your finger….The Soul Apprenticeship is for YOU!!
  • If you’re ready to take a leap of faith and are feeling scared, resistant, afraid of change, in judgment, fearing failure or success ….The Soul Apprenticeship is for YOU!!
  • If the status quo just ain't cutting it anymore, you're bored, done with living to pay bills and have a sense their is more...The Soul Apprenticeship is for YOU!!

I’ve led thousands of others before you through this powerful transformational gateway... the feedback I receive literally has me in tears of gratitude, daily.  

25 years of my personal and professional will short cut the trail and error for you to walk the transformational path with certainty and a knowing you're heading in the right direction

03. Why work with me?

I hold a pure space with zero judgement.

My innate ability to read human behaviour and ask the quality questions for you to access and activate your own wisdom, has been coined my “super power”.  

I've received my Bachelor of Applied Science Basc (acu) and studied numerous modalities and philosophies. Over the years my signature processing style emerged and is known as "Sensory Transformation".

A fresh and dynamic understanding of human behaviour that unlocks your untapped potential for you actualise your TRUE self.   
I lead through my absolute commitment to show up, evolve and inspire through the embodiment of my life every single day.

I SEE every persons genius...for those ready to LIVE their true potential, I become the soulful tour guide who shines the light on the path home to inner freedom and deep fulfillment.

My capacity to triumph over my own life challenges has gifted me the ability to contribute to awakening the soul of humanity and serving thousands of people....and for that, I DEEPLY grateful.

04. Details about your 12 Week Immersion?

Once you have booked your seat by clicking on the “I'M IN ” button, you’ll be sent an email with all the details you need to know to move forward.   Please make sure you check your spam/ junk folder if our email isn't in your inbox. 

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