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The Soul Apprenticeship is a 5 Week Virtual Immersion that takes you on a deep dive to release you from the shackles of limitation and set you free.

The process is designed to accelerate, hold and support you in revealing the unseen and unexplored parts of yourself.

The 5 Phase process teaches you how unwanted life cycles are the pathway to unlocking frustrating, recurring blocks in your personal, professional and financial experiences.  

Shutting down, hitting overwhelm or feeling alone in the world will become a thing of the past when you learn how to…

  • Align life cycles with life lessons for the soul’s transformation
  • Develop emotional and conscious fitness. The key to life resilience
  • Welcome life challenges as opportunities to evolve through
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    Transform pain and confusion into clarity and certainty
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    Demystify the law of attraction
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    Integrate the dance of duality as the path to freedom
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    Embody your innate wisdom

In the economy of life, time is the currency that converts into freedom.

Once awakened and connected to the vibration of your soul value, you will spend your life currency on creating a life by design, no longer by default.

Consciously empowering all areas of your life will give you the confidence to utilize each life challenge as an opportunity for you to relinquish limitations and liberate self-actualization. 

You will then, spend your life currency on enriching...

  • Quality relationships
  • Joyous experiences
  • Mental and physical wellness
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    Consciousness wealth
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    Claim and declare your place in the world

Included in your 5 Week Virtual Immersion –

  • 5 Weekly Videos -  In each video Michelle will be guiding you through each phase of the transformational cycle for you to journey through.
  • 5 Activation Processes – Worksheets that align with each of the five phases to reveal the deeper layer that are awaiting to be seen, heard and loved into transformation.
  • The Private Facebook Community Hub – Community is all about sharing, supporting and connecting…a human need that we are returning too.   Michelle will also be checking in daily to answer any question and offer guidance when called on.
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    Weekly LIVE 90 min group Q&A sessions -  A time to gather to ask, listen and connect.  There is a magic that occurs when people come together and share with open heart and desired outcome.
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    Recorded Activation Meditations

Starts on Monday, 23rd of July 2018

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"In my very first session with Mish – she took me there. She got me straight to where I needed to be and gave me the answers I had been craving for. I felt amazing, it was like a huge relief took over my whole body. Mish had shared her gift of freedom with me and can I just say I NEVER felt so free in all my life – and this was just in the first session!

Each session was like unravelling a beautiful gift that was wrapped in layers, some gifts were easy to unwrap and some were wrapped up tight and took longer to reveal. But with each gift I grew, I learnt to be honest with myself and I learnt to let go.

I would like to thank Mish from the bottom of my heart because without you I wouldn’t have found “me”."

- Lisa Cooke

“Magic Mish and her Soul Apprenticeship process has gifted me the tools to let go of the belief systems, the BS which watered down my contribution to the world. Including every relationship I had, especially with myself! I have found freedom and liberation as I have the skills and process required to truly express my pure self and contribute all I am. To say Mish over delivers in an understatement, she gives more time and energy than you can put a price on. She is a truly gorgeously divine soul who creates such a safe space, where there is no place for judgement, she simply supports you to align! It is a gift of freedom which I wish for every soul”. Thank you Mish, you truly are magic xxx”

- Mandy Hargreaves

Gifted with insightful wisdom from a young age, along with the ability to read human behaviour, Michelle Cannan came into this world with the innate capacity to transform unconscious life blocks into pearls of wisdom.

The first half of Michelle’s life presented her with major life challenges to navigate. Each experience revealed a piece of the life puzzle for her to awaken through.

After 20 years of seeking answers from all over the world on how to transform her own pain and confusion, Michelle’s desire was to create a process that would empower people to consciously recognise each challenge as an opportunity for evolution.

In her quest, Michelle received a Bachelor in Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2004 and has since cultivated her business and medical intuitive skills, studied various neural and energetic modalities to develop her signature five phase transformational process, “The Soul Apprenticeship - Mastering the Human Experience”.

Michelle has now supported thousands of people to unlock frustrating re-occurring life cycles in their personal and professional lives.

Along side her Acupuncture practice, Michelle facilitates one-on-one “Soul Alignment” sessions and runs her signature programs…

  • The Soul Apprenticeship - Master the Human Experience
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    The Soul Apprenticeship for Relationships – Mastering the Art of Connection
  • The Essential Elements of Success - The Business of YOU

She also loves to share her message through key-note speaking, gatherings and where anyone will listen.

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If you have any questions, email Angel at wecare@michellecannan.com