Join Michelle Cannan in Melbourne, Gold Coast or Brisbane for a power packed One Day LIVE event where you’ll learn how to crack the freedom code & renew your life.  

 This proven five step process teaches you how to unlock your  greatest potential that's trapped inside your unwanted, frustrating recurring life cycles....It's time to unleash your power & liberate your health, wealth & happiness.

"The lens through which you see life, is how you LIVE life"

Michelle Cannan

Do you ever wonder which "voice" you should listen to in your own head?   

No, you’re not crazy.

I know you’ve basically tried it all and you’ve come such a long way in your personal growth and evolution…. But, you’re still defaulting to the same patterns and cycles that are driving you insane.

So what if I told you that “losing your mind” is actually your gateway to freedom?

Because here’s the thing: When you came into this world, you were given every other manual except the one on how to be mentally, emotionally, physically & financially free.

Therefore it’s no surprise that surveys find that 97% of people feel chronically exhausted and tired on a daily basis.

While your physical body is a powerhouse that has access to an infinite source supply of renewable energy… It becomes impossible to access this source when you’re disconnected from the grid of your soul.  

But what is the cost of remaining unplugged, unclear and disconnected from who you are?  

My guess is, since you’re here on this page, that it’s a price you’re simply no longer willing to pay.

So here’s the truth:

Just like nature - You were designed to THRIVE.

There is a powerful blueprint within you that holds all the answers, guidance and unlimited energy you need to live a life you love.   

This is exactly what you’ll awaken up to, when you say yes and join us for the Soul Apprenticeship LIVE event.

An apprenticeship is designed to teach you the skills required to master a chosen path. 

Every life challenge is a soul assignment on the path to mastering your life. 

The thing is, you weren’t taught how to translate the uncomfortable experiences as your greatest opportunity for growth.  And so you have to resit the exam again and again until you get it!! 

Resulting in stuckness, pain and incredible amounts of frustration that you feel you have no control over.   

During our one day together, I will help you understand that pain & fear are not your enemy…they are wise sage masters wanting to lead you to the gates of freedom, wealth and health.  

When you learn to recreate your relationship with fear and pain, you will open up to receive their invaluable gifts, with ease and grace.  

The 5 phase transformational process is a step by step system that shows you how to access your innate wisdom through ancient and contemporary knowledge from Eastern and Western, Spiritual and Science systems.

Once you finally crack the freedom code, your precious life force will then be consciously spent on enriching…

  • Quality relationships
  • Joyous Experiences
  • Conscious Wealth
  • Physical and Mental Well Being

Are you ready to liberate your relationship with pain and fear for good? Then click on the "YES I'M IN" button now and join the next Soul Apprenticeship LIVE event in your city... 

David Steel

For the last 20 odd years I've attended a lot of events & workshop to try and find inner peace. I found so many were fear based which pushed me in the wrong direction. When I started with Michelle I told her I liked who I was, and I did. What I had problems with was who I was. Michelle has been the only one who has helped me understand who I am and why I do things I do. This has been a gentle, yet powerful, transformation for me and one I would recommend it to anyone who is unsure of who they are and where their behavior stems from. 

Kelly Trcek

Since the Soul Apprenticeship one day event, my world has improved 100%. I’m thinking a lot clearer, new opportunities have come to me & I have fallen in love with the most amazing man.  Thank you, it was an experience I will never forget  

During our one day immersion together, you will… 

  • Understand why you keep repeating the same patterns and making the same “mistakes” by learning HOW TO answer the call and open up to soul transformation...the relief of knowing you’re not broken is priceless.

  • Discover the crucial missing link that will allow you to LEAN IN to fear instead of seeing it as the enemy that’s keeping you trapped. (This ONE skill alone will set you free)

  • Shine a light on why you are keeping yourself small to accommodate the judgments of others (or yourself) and learn how to choose your creative genius and greatest potential... instead of hiding in the shadows and blocking your heart-centered mission.

  • Understand that there are NO wrong emotions and learn HOW TO decode your feelings as powerful messages from your soul that are trying to wake you up to your inherent value and worth.

  • Give yourself permission to own your beautiful “misfit” and shift from feeling like the “black sheep” to embracing your unique perception as your innate gift & contribution to the planet. 

  • Connect with your supernatural abilities and begin to understand how to express them with passion, clarity and confidence as you put your stake in the ground and declare your place in the world.

If your experiencing any feelings of fear or resistant to change, of judgment or what it really means to be FREE on a soul level…then know, that's your "call" to listen, take action and choose YOU!!

Click "YES I'M IN" and book your spot for the next Soul Apprenticeship LIVE event now....

Niki Burton 

…I left the Soul Apprenticeship actually physically feeling the transition from anxiety and fear to utter joy as a result of identifying the root of a limitation.  I have an actual technique that not only comprehends the difference between ego and soul but perhaps more importantly how to know when I have fully transitioned from limitation.

Xen Angelides 

It was so interesting to hear about how the Mind, Heart and Soul interrelate as I have been studying this area for a few years now.  To see and experience how closely they work in alignment with recurring life cycles was extremely valuable

Wonder who I am and why you can trust me with your soul’s mission? 

A few weeks before I found my mother passed away, I was made redundant in the 2009 G.F.C from a corporate consultancy role.  I was going through a heavy relationship break up, dealing with an irate father and was left to sort out my mothers estate who had died without a will...oh, and I had to find $250k to payout the Estate on top of that 

Through the cold sweats and fetal position rocking, I heard a calm and steady voice that kept repeating  “build it and they will come”.

So I answered the call.  

Now if you wondering who I am and why can you trust me with your soul mission, know this:

I have walked the path. I’ve journeyed through the deepest darkest nights with my soul.  There were some corridors so long, I wasn’t sure if there even was a light at the end of it.

But I rose like the phoenix through the ashes and I was able to see how EVERY life challenge (and there were some doozies) had been a part of a master plan for me to learn, grow and evolve through.

Having guided thousands of others through the very same steps I have walked, I know with all that I AM that The Soul Apprenticeship is the manual on how to thrive in the Human Experience.

In our one day together I will be drawing from a wealth of wisdom as I integrate different bodies of knowledge I’ve studied over 25 years from Traditional Chinese Medicine to ancient and contemporary teachings ( too) to help you achieve your own transformation.

And, as deep as we go...we’ll be having some fun!

Are you joining us?

I know you have the courage to lean in to all the same OLD stories (excuses) that have kept you stuck inside the fear of "not enough" time, money or belief that change is possible, to now choose to 100% back yourself and say YES to YOUR CALLING! 

What you wait for weighs you down...are you ready to lighten the load? Click "YES I'M IN", book your spot and let's do this, together!

Phoebe Grace

I went to a Soul Apprenticeship One Day Event earlier this year and. I can honestly highly recommend it. I am so much better at this whole life thing now! I know now when something undesirable comes my way that there is a message and a gift in it for me. I observe and steer my life now, rather than just let it all happen and be the victim. 

F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Why is this process any different to anything else I’ve done? 

It is not a quick fix, rah rah, dopamine high event..where you head back out into the world to experience the disappointment come down because nothing changed, again. 

It is a deep dive into the part of you that is aching to be heard, seen and loved, by you.

The part of you that is you calling you home to connect and align with your essential nature to create  sustainable, fulfilling transformational exchanges in all areas of your life

2. How do I know if this is the process for me? 

If you feel like you’ve done everything, you’ve read all the books and you’ve come such a long way in your journey of personal growth, but you’re still somehow trapped in the same old patterns and  are starting to think that nothing is ever going to change….the Soul Apprenticeship is for you

If  you feel a stirring in your heart that has you feeling uneasy and you just can’t put your finger on what’s  going on….The Soul Apprenticeship is for you.

If you’re ready to take a leap of faith and ignite your calling, but feel scared and resistant, afraid of change, of judgment and failure ….The Soul Apprenticeship is for you.

I’ve led thousands of others through this process and the feedback I receive literally makes me cry.

25 years of my life can be your gift too.

3. Why work with me? 

I offer a pure space with zero judgement.  My capacity to read human behaviour and ask the quality questions that help you activate your own wisdom,  has been called my “super power”. I lead through my absolute commitment to show up, evolve and inspire through my actions.  I see the true potential in every person I meet and offer the tools to gift anyone who is ready to really BE their true potential.   My capacity to triumph over all of my own life challenges in now the gift I hand back through. In my 25 year pursuit of contributing to the awakening of humanity, I have  been of service to thousands of people who have answered their own call and set their soul free.

4. Details about the event?

Once you have booked your seat by clicking on the “YES I’M IN ” button, you’ll be sent an email with all the details you need to know about the day and venue location.

5. This sounds like a super valuable process… why is the price so affordable?

From teaching this process to thousands of people, I KNOW how profoundly it can change your life. This is my soul’s mission and I deeply care about your future and, the future of our planet.  $57 is an accessible commitment in the form of a transformational exchange that activates a gift that keeps on giving . Book your spot now before the house it full.    

Event Valued at $997 $57

plus instantly receive a FREE bonus Video Training 
"Follow Your Calling" valued at $497