The New World Order is emerging through the power within each of us. When that power YOUnites through human connection, clear intention, emotional bonding, and heart-based collaboration the power generated activates a quantum tidal wave through the human collective raising consciousness globally.

"THIS is the “YOUnified Field”"

When we’re not plugged into the YOUnified field, our light dims.

When we’re not plugged into the YOUnified field, our light dims and we have  feelings of disconnection, despondency & doubt. 

The greatest currency on this planet right now is the current of energy you embody & emit. 

Sustaining that currency in alignment to your truth takes incredible amounts of conscious fitness on your own.

SO many of you ask me… “What’s next Mish?” after completing our immersions together.  I
’ve heard your call 😉

"I was at a point where I was over my life, I’d had several failed marriages, just come out of a long-term relationship and had lost everything. I had tired numerous forms of therapy so when I was told about Michelle, I was very skeptical. Well...this lady was the real deal. I was void of feeling any emotion. I “understood” why I was where I was in life but didn’t know how to change it. Michelle taught me to understand the “story” and the power of what we perceive. I learnt how to fully express myself and translate the “triggers” into gifts. I have found the TRUE version of me and loving life."

The ACTIVATE Movement is here…The home of YOUnity

A home is more than a place, it’s a feeling where love resides within an environment of safety and warmth.

When you downregulate your nervous system, you’re able to tune into creative flow, charge up and SHINE your light for others to find their way home.

How good will it be knowing that you have a home base to return to where you will be surrounded by people that speak your language and you’ll be understood??!!

What’s on offer …

  • Collective Consciousness Themes  - Monthly upgrades in collective consciousness through the YOUnified field 
  • Activation Session – 2hr monthly zoom session – Q&A and collective conscious activations
  • SAccess Method Upgrades (Formerly Known as The Soul Apprenticeship) - Refreshing and integrating the 5 phases of transformation as you expand through each life cycle
  • Strengthen Conscious Fitness – Building the power of presence to consciously respond to “What is”
  • Trainings and Zoom Recording Library - The ACTIVATE archive of goodness
  • CommUNITY Connection – FB home base filled with loving support, Wisdom soaked Conversations, Mishwa downloads & lots more in pipeline
  • Empathic Leadership – Impact through Integrity
  • Emotional Intelligence Integration – Mastering the language of the soul


Foundation Member Offers are Open til April 30th 2022

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