Be Aware of the “Not Enough” Epidemic

Seeking external validation in the pursuit of acceptance is the unconscious driving force behind ”The not enough epidemic” being exposed on our planet at present. Never having enough money, love or time…not knowing or BEing enough… scared of getting it wrong…are all unconscious beliefs that have been manifesting as pain, confusion and patterns of being […]

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Emotions are our greatest teacher

The physiological response we have to emotions can be perceived as uncomfortable and our instinct is to move away from them…the opposite is where the magic of transformation awaits. Moving towards our emotions, connecting with them and listening to them awakens consciousness and the dance of life becomes an empowered comfortable and expansive experience in […]

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Love your tears

The eyes are the window of the soul, tears are one on the many languages they speak.Somewhere along the way we learned to shame them, hold them back, hide them, contain and suppress them. Tears communicate with us on so many levels to let us know how we are feeling. I have been in the […]

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Your fear is loving you

Fear is an unexpressed desire of love. Your Soul calling for transformation.When fear comes knocking at the door its asking to be heard, and seen.Our automatic reaction is to slam that door shut and run as far away as possible. Instinctual survival. So, fear continues to knock harder and harder until it screams “LISTEN TO […]

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The dark night of the Soul

The dark night of our Soul is a right of passage calling us to awaken…to transform limitations into liberation’s. Light and dark are the two sides of a whole experience. Each a vital element of our evolution.How we perceive darkness determines our relationship to the whole…entrapped in a world of disconnect or the dance of […]

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